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2002 x type stalling problems

ld512ld512 Posts: 1
I just bought a used 2002 xtype. After three weeks there was an air leak to engine(?) that dealer fixed. A week after that, the car will just stall while I am driving. It will immediately restart, sometimes in neutral if I am in traffic! The dealer said that everything is fine since they could not get it stall when they had it! Our mechanic doesn't work with jags, but looked at it, and guessed it was something electrical, but again, it wouldn't duplicate while he was in the car! Only once did it stall FOUR times while I was driving it, and the third and fourth time, it shuddered, stalled and took two to three "starts" before starting again. Help, this is very scary to drive!


  • Replaced crankshaft sensor, engine harness, spark plugs & cleaned M.A.F sensor. Has p1000 code, M.A.F code & I.A.T sensor code. Read up on the cruise not available issues having the same jerking issues when I speed up. PCV valve and hose?
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  • I to have the same problem did you ever figure out your problem
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