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2011 Chevy Equinox Navigation System Questions

cbaucbau Member Posts: 1
Am I the only one having a problem with the nav system being very inaccurate on this vehicle? It has been back to the dealer 3 times and still no fix. It is 4-5 blocks off and shows addresses on the wrong side of street and is missing roads. It is extremely frustrating to have this issue as the nav system was a major extra expense for us but we decided worth is as a lot of traveling to different locations daily is done. The dealer tells me it is a software problem with the satellite company and is not the vehicle. If this is the case every 2011 vehicle with this version of software has to be having the same problem and would not be limited to just the Equinox. So far I am the only one at the dealer to have this issue. They tell me to go the the software manufacturer website and leave them feedback, I have done this and even called them. They say I have to wait until enough people complain and they update the software again to have this issue resolved. This is unacceptable to me and is already been going on for 2 months. A new nav disc was tried but I already have the latest version installed.

Has anyone else experienced this or know anyone who has and what was done to resolve this?

Thank You


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    cheapfishcheapfish Member Posts: 1
    We missed a short cut on a very good road by 100yards at night and it sent us 50 miles around a long way on a little bit better road with On Star picking the route. They are going to have to do better if they want me to pay them when the trial runs out. Not good
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    sgr5516sgr5516 Member Posts: 163
    In my experience, no built in navigation system, standalone GPS, whatever... is 100% accurate all of the time. I would not want a built in navigation system, nor pay for a navigation service (like on-star). It's more practical to buy/use a standalone GPS unit. If you have a smartphone, google maps is free and just a accurate as any other system. Just my opinion.
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    jfdsccmjfdsccm Member Posts: 8
    The navigation package I want on the 2011 Nox does not include the rear seat entertainment. IS this the PCJ package?
    Can't find it on Chevy website
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    bigkritterbigkritter Member Posts: 31

    now stop and think on-star give you a report every month, Mine tells me no issuse found We know that is a bunch of $@*(^%$. so if that is wrong how do we know they will find us when we crash?

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