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2011 Chevy Equinox Running Lean

Hi ~ I leased a 2011 Equinox with 100 miles have since put on about 800 miles haven't had it a month yet and my check engine light came on last Friday took it in to service over the weekend and was told by the service advisor that it was running lean and essentially there was nothing major wrong, cleared out the codes and told me I shouldn't see the light again and to drive it put more miles on it and of course bring it back if the check engine light comes on again. I hoping that this is not any indication of problems to come with my Equinox; I have read that the 2006 Equinox's also had this problem. Anyone else experiencing this with there 2011's? Suggestions would be helpful & greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    I've had "lean" codes on my Taurus for years. Haven't been able to find the source and don't care to enlist a "professional" to charge me hundreds of dollars to guess at what it might be. I'll get it sooner or later. In the meantime the car doesn't seem to exhibit any driveability problems (although my fuel economy MIGHT be affected ... not even sure about that).

    Lean codes can be caused by a leak somewhere: vacuum, exhaust, etc. On an old car (like my '97 Taurus), it is probably being caused by a vacuum hose with a tiny crack somewhere. But on a car as new as yours, unless a mechanic has been poking around under your hood, removed a hose and forgot to reattach it, you shouldn't be seeing lean codes.

    Sometimes I wonder if the people who program the logic for these computerized cars just set the parameters too tightly (so that the codes keep appearing needlessly). They could be driving us nuts for no reason...
  • ttfn59ttfn59 Posts: 1
    I just got my 2011 Chevy Equinox and haven't made the first payment yet. It is brand new and this Friday will be the second time I had to take it in to the shop. It is taking up all my time and it's frustrating. The first time they kept it for 2 days, the AC fan went up. Now the check engine light is on and it is running terrible. Plus the fan is making a loud noise when I start it if I have left the AC fan running when I turned it off. 2K miles and all this. No wonder I loved my Toyota.
  • :lemon: I own a 2011 Equinox.

    Loved the look of the car... just wondering if I made a bad choice.

    Two times since I bought this car, it has been in the shop. I know some may crucify me for saying this... but, I owned a Kia prior to this, and I loved that car. But, I felt bad for not buying "American"..... so, I bought the Chevy (though my Equinox was actually made in Canada - go figure).

    1st time - running rough for a week or so, engine light comes on, stalls, and then to the shop it goes. The dealership blames me for not checking my oil at every fuel up. The car was almost two quarts low. So, when I tell them that you should not have to check oil in a NEW car, they come back with "well, this car might burn more oil than other vehicles" Right! I told them I have owned several new vehicles, and NEVER have I had to add oil between oil changes to a NEW car.... They finally admitted the prep people might not have checked the oil prior to me picking it up... who knows?

    2nd time - running rough for a week or so, making a grinding noise (sometimes) when I start it, engine light comes on, stalls. Dealership gets an ear full......

    Is the "Camshaft regulator"......

    Honestly, IMO when you purchase a new car, you expect it to be RELIABLE. I am very disappointed in this car.

    Nice looking car, bad interior (mesh seats).... wish I would have gotten the leather, runs rough all the time, loud knocking engine (sounds like an old beater), bad gas mileage (I drove mostly city), and TERRIBLE in the winter!

    If I could trade this crate in and not take a beating I would do it... But, I am at the mercy of the dealership. Seems like they market the heck out of this car, and yet they slap it together...

    Any thoughts?
  • I read your post..... same problems I am having.

    One thing that I haven't heard mentioned too much is the "loud noise" - That is exactly what I experience with mine about a week before the engine light came on.

    I would start it, it made a loud grinding type noise, and then would run very rough.

    I wish you good luck.... but, with mine breaking down 2 times in one day I am very disappointed in this car.
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