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Wondering if the navigation system is worth it...read some complaints about it on another site.


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    Depending on price and how savvy you are with doing wiring, you can probably do better in the aftermarket. I just bought a 2011 STi and passed on the pricey Navi and I'm working on putting in an aftermarket unit.

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    april675, I have a 2010 OB Limited with the Nav. It was worth it to me because the backup camera is displayed on the Nav screen. But the Nav alone would be overpriced. Like all original equipment Navs that I'm aware of, you or your passenger can't program it or make changes while you're moving. I have a $200 Magellin that's more user friendly and more accurate. Bottom line, I wouldn't have gotten it without the backup camera, which is great.
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    Good point about the backup camera. We test drove one that had it in the rearview mirror and it's a much bigger picture with the nav system. Do you know how often you need to replace the CD for the nav system? I have a droid x and google maps navigation comes with the phone and so far it seems to be pretty good with directions.
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    I think Subaru comes out with a new DVD set every year or two. I know for the Tribeca they've had at least 3 updates since it came out for MY2006.
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    What kind of expense is involved in updating the software?
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    For the Tribeca it was $230 for a set of 2 DVDs. A lot of people split it, though, or sell the other coast's DVD to cut the cost in half.

    I'm not sure on the cost for other models, but it should be similar. I think some use a set of 3 DVDs, but don't quote me on that.

    Cars101.com is a good resource for stuff like that, FWIW.
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