Dakota 46RE shift prob on 2-3

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I have a 2001 QuadCab 5.9 AWD. Just had the transmission rebuilt at 190k miles. Full kit rebuild including a drum. I continue to have problems on the 2-3 shift. The shop keeps working on it, and I have no problem with them. Good place but getting stumped on this. But taking it in repeatedly is getting old. Two symptoms. Under light throttle, like 1900-2300 1st to 2nd shift it holds second and won't shift to 3rd, unless I back off a little. Then it shifts to 3 and on to 4 no prob. However, sometimes if the 2-3 shift happens as the load comes of the drivetrain it shifts with a very distinctive "clunk" as it hits 3rd. And this isn't like a super firm shift, it is a noticable clunk. A mid throttle shift like 2500-3500 rpm everything is fine and tight. Item 2 is an occassional double clutching missed shift between 2 and 3 under max heavy acceleration, shifting at about 4800-5200 rpm, such as an onramp. Not everytime, but enough to know something isn't right. All the innards were replaced including the valve bodytoo. The shop is now thinking a computer problem. Anybody run into these symptoms in a new, otherwise quality rebuild from a pretty reputable shop?


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    Got stuck in snow, tried go forward & reverse, now no reverse, still will go forward, any advice
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