2001 Outback Eddie Bauer Edition H6 3.0

pdsportspdsports Member Posts: 4
Bought this used in 2008 with 156K on it. I've put 30K on it in 30 months. I've had an oxygen sensor replaced, had the serpentine belt replaced and had an oil leak repaired (new rings) that was there when I got it. Also replaced pads on both ends and front rotors.

There's a timing chain so I shouldn't have to worry about that but just wondering what I do need to worry about with 200K looming over the next 30 months. Transmission? Plugs? Water pump?


  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaMember Posts: 15,160
    Did you receive it with any history? If not, fluid changes in the transmission and differentials would be a good investment, as well as the brake fluid. Plugs and wires... maybe; are you having any performance issues with the car?
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  • pdsportspdsports Member Posts: 4
    No maintenance history as I bought it from a used car dealer. Later found out that I knew the previous owner and he said it had never had any major problems but there was a small oil leak, which became a significant leak after 15K miles. I could call him and ask about service history but it was his wife's car and she is now deceased and I'm not sure how much he was involved in its upkeep.

    No performance issues other than what seems to be a slight kick when I step on or off the gas while moving. And this is fairly infrequent.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaMember Posts: 15,160
    In that case, I recommend the fluid changes. If you haven't changed the air filter, it is a good time for that, too.

    Other than those, I recommend inspecting the condition of the CV boots, look at the bottom of the water pump for any signs of seepage, and check the condition of the rubber in the engine bay (vacuum hoses, etc).

    You can use an ohmmeter (or multi-meter set on ohms) to check the resistance in the wires. But, if you aren't having a performance issue, you don't necessarily need to replace them or the plugs.
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    I agree with wes. Check out what we do on our 60k services, that's a minimum I would do on a car with unknown history. http://azpinstalls.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=62&Itemid=80-

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    Good idea.

    I bought a Miata with just 26k miles. The owner showed me a receipt for the 30k service, done early. The car was 8 years old.

    Even so, I changed the fluids.

    Good thing - they missed the rear diff fluid. It looked like melted chocolate!
  • lovethesublovethesub Member Posts: 1
    As is usually the case, when the wife gets a new car, the husband gets the old and that is my case. Fortunately, I love the 2001 Outback LL Bean edition and we have taken good care of it. Now that I have it though, I see that I am in desperate need of 4 new tires. The old Wilderness tires did us great and gave well over the 60K miles expected. Now that I won't be doing much highway mileage, can anyone suggest a decent tire without breaking the bank?
  • otis123otis123 Member Posts: 439
    It's an LLBean, not Eddie Bauer. I have 149K on my black LLBean. Bought it new exactly 10 years ago... 1/1/2001!! Looking to get a new H6, but lost interest with the steering wheel issue. My 2001 has been reliable and is remarkably tight for a 10 year old car. Seems like it will go on for ever, but the wife wants something new... I still have original radiator, shocks/struts, exhaust system, engine, transmission, water pump, etc. Amazing! Knock on wood!
    Yes, the surge issue when starting out was a concern 10 years ago. It still happens sometimes, but I guess you get used to some things.... :)
  • otis123otis123 Member Posts: 439
    Just to note... my LLBean (wife driving) was illegally parked and towed in Manhattan 6 months ago (just a lift tow, of course, no flatbed)... 2 months ago had to get a new driveshaft installed for the LLBean... (transmission piece that brings drive from front to rear wheels.)

    Tow - $185.
    Ticket - $95.
    Driveshaft - $900. installed.

    Parking garage next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • art1979art1979 Member Posts: 2
    bought a 2001 H6, the car is in great shape and sounds great, no leaks or rust, but when driving the steering wheel has a tick or a shake to it when driving, the guy I bought it of off said that the breaks were just changed and tires rotated. Any other ideas???????
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaMember Posts: 15,160
    Shakes... is it more of a vibration, or does it feel like it is actually pulling from side to side? Is this speed or situation dependent?

    If pulling, it could be ball joints or tie rod ends. If it is vibrational, it might be a wheel balance.
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  • art1979art1979 Member Posts: 2
    it does not pull to the sides it is a shaking of the wheel you can feel it at low speeds the tires were rotated when I bought it and that is when he said it started so I am thinking that it is the tires that need to be balanced. Might just take it in to have a mechanic look at it, Thanks this helps if any other ideas to help make the subaru better helps thanks.
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