Buying a Used Camry (CPO)

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Does a toyota certified used car mean, that it was never been in an accident?


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  • mark265mark265 Member Posts: 5

    As per Service records above mentioned parts have been replaced for a sedan .Do you think it might have been a big accident? Please help me with a reply.
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    It seems like the accident is from the side impact. You don't need to be in a big accident in order to replace the door. I think you should try to get the repair invoice.

    I wouldn't buy a car w/ an accident unless it's very minor and the price is really cheap. Also, I don't think it's worth to buy a fairly new car w/ an accident. You probably can get a new 2011 for a little more money.

    2.PROTECTOR, QUARTER PANEL? is that the same as rear panel quarter?
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    Yes,the same side rear PANEL QUATER, WHEEL and CAP SUB-ASSY has also changed. So i think this was a big accident with airbag deployed and frame damage.
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    If the impact is from the back, rear quarter repair = frame damage. I would run away from a frame damage car unless you want to drive it to the ground.
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