Raw Fuel Smell in interior on cold starts

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I have a 2004 Forester and we have had extremely cold weather this past week (in Northern NB) and I have noticed that when I get in the car after it has been started with command start and running for about 10 min there is a strong raw fuel smell in the car. Goes away after awhile but really bad on starts. Anyone else experiencing this and any suggestions???


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    That's a tough one. It only happens at certain times? Usually fuel smells permeate and last. We had a Chevy that had such a smell, and it never went away. :(
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    There are a lot of posts about the problem on the subaru.org forum but mostly people from the US; I was just wondering if Canadian Subaru owners had the same problem and how to get some satisfaction from Subaru. I am also wondering how many people/vehicles this has to affect before it becomes a recall issue.

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    Most likely, it is a (small?) leak from one of the fuel supply lines due to a combination of aging rubber and cold temperatures. I have yet to have that problem on any of mine, but it is not overly uncommon for any of the Subaru models. My recommendation is to start with torquing down the line clamps. If the problem persists or returns, replace the rubber.
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    Concur. On another forum there have been posts about cold weather contraction loosening fuel hoses at their clamps.
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