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I just purchased a 2003 LL Bean H6 Outback. It has 151,000 miles already. After reading a post about what should be done if you do not know the history of the vehicle I plan to do what was recommended, but I am wondering if any of you the BG product, MOA in your oil? Is syntheic oil for high mileage engines a good idea?
And what is the best brand of tires to put on these Outbacks. It has driven great for the first week and I really need it to stay that way for a long time! Thanks for your input.


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    To be honest I would not switch to synthetic oil at this point. The engine's been fine, so I'd keep using the same stuff.
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    I agree, switching to synthetic at this high milage may bring un-expected results.

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    I just purched a 2011 Outback limited and after reading some of these post I'm confused about which oil I have to use. The Outback came with regular oil which will be changed at 3000 miles. My question is could I continue to use regular oil or should I or must I switch to synthnic oil. I notice my dealer uses Mobil 1 synthnic and not Subaru synthnic, I guess they are all the same except for the weight.

    Thank you
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    I doubt that Subaru makes their own oil.

    As of a few years ago (when I last checked) all synthetics are NOT the same...There was some sort of lawsuit a few yrs back that caused a reformulation of the synthetic TIERS. At that time, Casteroil THE GERMAN VERSION was available in the USA and was a true top tier synthetic...

    This is not to say that Mobile One is not a great product. IMHO, it is excellent and readily available, even at your local Walmart.

    I own a low mileage 2008 H4 Outback that I purchased last year. Since I do not drive often and change my oil at 3000 mi intervals or 3 months, I have stuck with regular dino oil...However when I did drive a lot (had a turbo Mini Cooper then) I did use synthetic and it usually was Mobile One. Maintain your warranty at any cost!

    I have not seen a newer model manual but if the Subies are shipping with normal Dino, I would guess that 3000 mile, or 3 month changes are still required no matter what. Plz check your manual.

    I am sure those more Knowledgeable that I will chime in!
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    This suggests otherwise for your vehicle. Always consult your owner's manual for the most accurate information or call your local dealer's service department for clarification.
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    2011 TURBO cars and the 2011 Forester NA cars REQUIRE synthetic oil.

    Non Turbo cars for 2011 do not require synthetic.

    The change interval on all Subies starting in 2011 is 7500 miles.

    As for Mobil 1, it is not suggested for Subies, M1 is the bare minimum requirement for being Synthetic. The top tier oils out there include:


    For our customers we suggest the Amsoil or Redline coupled with the Amsoil extended life oil filters which are good for about 10,000 miles in the Turbo cars. (Amsoil claims 15k/1yr with the Amsoil Filter & Amsoil Fully Synthetic). We have had great success with the Motul 8100 and the Amsoil Fully Synthetic European oils.

    At our shop we also carry the Subaru Synthetic. We have seen consumption of the Subaru Synthetic at the same rate as the Mobil 1 in our customer cars. They usually burn about 1Q every 1700-2200 miles, whereas in the same cars once switched to Motul or Amsoil burn not a drop in over 3500 miles.

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    I always wondered if high-mileage vehicles should be using synthetic. That's what our dealership told us.">link title
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    You shouldn't start using synthetic after say 75k miles. Below that you are pretty much ok to begin synthetic use.

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