Acura MDX 2010-2011 Battery Warning Problem

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I was thinking about getting an MDX when I came upon this thread, which suggests a significant, recurring problem with the battery warning system in the 2010 and later model MDX: 10-a.html

When I called Acura, I was not convinced that they had a fix for the problem that would work.

Is anyone not experiencing this gremlin? Any bad experiences to share? Would you buy the car knowing about the problem?


  • mdxbmrguy63mdxbmrguy63 Member Posts: 1
    I get this all the time. The dealership told me it would go away. It comes back every few days but doesnt impair the starting or running of the mdx.
    just annoying.
  • scott_mcscott_mc Member Posts: 1
    Got the first warning after about 2 weeks. Completely recharged the battery. The warning came back after another 2 weeks. Took it the dealer to have them check the battery. Battery tested out. They recommended driving it longer distances (I tend to take a number of small trips).

    Last weekend I drove about 70 miles out of town. The warning indicator was on the entire trip down. Went off on the trip back. But the warning came back on Monday. It's still on despite just driving it for 40 minutes.

    I've never had trouble starting the vehicle. Just loss of confidence. Shouldn't have worry about driving 2011 MDX with less than 2000 miles out of town.
  • mnsheamnshea Member Posts: 11
    I have had my MDX about two months. Within the first week of driving, saw the low battery warning on intermittently. It seems to make no difference how far or how long the car has been driven. The warning comes and goes. Took it to the dealer who told me it's a "known software issue", to disregard the warning, and that Acura was "working" on a fix. In the meantime, there appears to be no way to distinguish between a valid low battery warning and one that isn't.
    It will be interesting to see if Acura makes an effort to resolve the issue.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    You probably have an intermittent failure within the regulator (internal to the alternator). The indicator/indication is that the alternator cannot supply enough current flow for energizing its own rotor.

    Obviously not the case.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Member Posts: 137
    It happend once in my 2010 honda pilot.. It was very cold ( 15F ). after that, I never saw the warming.
  • ga2010mdxga2010mdx Member Posts: 5
    Just logging that we have the same issue with our 2010 MDX Tech. Mainly small trips and if the radio has been on during cleaning. The warning disappears by itself after some time on a longer trip that charges the battery. Very annoying.
  • pandorasenigmapandorasenigma Member Posts: 1
    My 2011 MDX is doing this too. When I called the dealer, they just told me to bring it in, and acted as if they had never heard of this before. I also searched recalls etc. and can not find anything. Does anyone have a copy of the letter they received?
  • jccai1jccai1 Member Posts: 113
    Our 2010 Tech/Ent. displayed this warning a couple of times, usually after the car had sat in the garage for two or three days. Took it the dealer and the battery checked out every time. It recurred even after they had applied the software patch related to battery monitoring. The dealer told me not to worry about it. Well, the next time I ignore the warning, I might end up with a real dead battery on a cold night in the middle of nowhere. Nice job instilling confidence in your customers, Honda! Guess whose product I'm going to buy next time?
  • dlking58dlking58 Member Posts: 2 husband has a 2008 Acura TL which has just 10,100 miles on it. (He's retired and only drives around in our little town). The car is practically new - still smells new. BUT:

    It has the dreaded battery drain problem. About 6 months ago, he took it to the dealer for testing and they couldn't find anything which was draining the battery. The service guy just kinda mentioned that there was some talk that it might be the HFL, so we came home and did more research on the web. We disconnected the HFL and took it out of the car completely. Inconvenient, yes but not as much as a dead battery. Things didn't improve much - there were sporadic problems and after more research on the web we disconnected the trunk light in the middle of May 2013. We thought the problem was solved - no more dead batteries. BUT:

    Today the battery is dead again. The car was just driven 3 days ago. Now what? We have this practically new car that we're slowly dismantling trying to solve this problem. Any suggestions? We really, really don't want to trade in this beautiful, almost-new car, and if we do, we probably won't ever buy another Acura because of this issue.
  • seaclusionseaclusion Member Posts: 22
    2009 MDX After 2 new Batteries and 7 visits to the dealer 80 miles one way and replacing the radio and the driver mirror among others and on the 7th visit it died on the Dealer. They tracked it to the left rear door lock that was trying to engage while unlocked all night long and activated other systems in the car drawing on the Battery and killing it overnight.
    Dealer was patient as was I and they solved it.Each time I was given a loaner and Acura extended warranty covered all at 51K miles.
    Needless to say my faith was very shaky but it works now
  • hjs3hjs3 Member Posts: 3

    We have a 2010 Acura MDX with Nav. The battery has died on us at least 3 times. Battery dies without warning. Dealer says there is nothing wrong. Battery is fine. We even had remote car starter checked. We took it elsewhere and they said there is something with the lift gate drawing power, and replaced something there. But low battery warning came on again. low battery warning has been turning on frequently. They have said nothing is wrong in the past. Something is going on, but Acura/honda won't own up to it. ( interestingly, the battery on my infiniti ex2008 died once in 5 yrs.

  • billykaldrichbillykaldrich Member Posts: 1
    My MDX had a battery recall in 2010 and they put a new one in for free.Great! The battery says on it 100 month warranty now it dies and they will not back it up.I was told that the replacement free of charge comes with no warranty.Take in mind I had no problem with the old battery they told me it was bad I trusted that.
  • lovle_06lovle_06 Member Posts: 3
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    My 2006 MDX has had the same problem with batteries dying and having to repeatedly be replaced. They first told me it was a defective battery. The next time that it was my hands free so it is disconnected. But they didn't solve the problem. Today I just replaced a new battery I just bought 8 months ago. Still no idea what caused this. I believe they know. 
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