2008 M45x recurrent dead battery

lsmdlsmd Member Posts: 4
On 6 occasions in the past 3 years, battery was dead after 2-8 hours time elapsed. No precipitating event, jump started each time and all was well for another few months. Battery and electrical system checked out fine. Happened today after overnight in heated garage. Car has 58k miles, near end of lease. Was considering buying it, but not so sure now. No hypotheses from dealer, unwilling to replace battery unless they see the car when it's dead.


  • rappinjbrappinjb Member Posts: 1
    I replaced battery on 2006 M45 last month... got the brakes fixed yesterday, no problem, drove home, when out this morning.... dead! I mean nothing~
    Strange that in 18 hours it's stone cold dead. No lights, doors won't open, nothing...
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