Extended warranty on a G37 Convertible

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Just got a new G37 Convertible and I am considering getting the extended warranty. All those moving parts in the top really scare me.

Does anybody have any experience dealing with the extended warranty and what are your thoughts on the value of the warranty?

Can you also share your price on how much the extended warranty got you and which plan you got?


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    I just bought a 2010 G37 Convertble and bought the 72 month 84K platinum extended warranty. They originally wanted 2099 and when I asked for a discount they lowered it to 1500. If you plan on keeping the car beyond the 4 years, you might want to consider the warranty since it covers all of the electronics and electrical systems.
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    Thanks for the response....

    Do you have the name and number of the person you dealt with to get that deal?

    I was told I can get the extended warrenty from any dealership and your $1500 is the best deal I have seen so far.
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    it was th finance person that I dealt with. I don't remember her name but I am sure if you call the dealer and ask for their finance person. they will put you in contact with her.
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    Which dealership was the person at?
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    I got a 96 month (100k mile) factory warranty on my 2010 G37 sedan for $1510 with a $100 deductible. Infiniti dealer at Scottsdale AZ was advertising this when I bought. Also, InfinitiWarranty.com. My dealer quoted $2400 for the same warranty, but when I showed them that others were offering the better price, they matched it.

    $1510 to double the length of the basic factory warranty is a good deal. These cars are reliable, so I would be reluctant to pay more. In fact, in general, I don't favor extended warranties as they guarantee you will lose money (i.e. the cost of the warranty). It is usually better to take the money and invest it; spend it only if the repairs are needed. In this case, the price was too good to pass up.
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    That's an excellent deal. I got something similar on my Fx35. The convertible is a little more expensive because of the complicated top mechanism. I asked about going to 7 years but it was significantly more expensive. i agree, these cars are amazingly reliable. I have only had 2 minor issues with my Fx35 in 7 years.
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    Infiniti of Ardmore in Pennsylvania
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