Clunking from front end

jpal2626jpal2626 Member Posts: 2
I know this was a discussion already but i couldnt really get a solid answer. I have an 02 lse and everytime i hit even the smallest bump or pot whole it sounds like somebody is banging on the front end. Any suggestions on what it is would be great.....


  • badkwbadkw Member Posts: 3
    I've had sounds like the associated with inner and outer tie rods, and most commonly with upper ball joint (control arm). All are rather simple to diagnose.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Member Posts: 5,483
    the most common cause for front-end clunking of 2004 and earlier LSs is sway bar bushing wear. A long time ago the bushings could be replaced, but now it's necessary to replace the whole bar, which now has molded-on bushings. It's a much bigger job, but is supposed to be a lasting fix.

    Other suspension parts are possible, but not so likely.
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  • larryk0202larryk0202 Member Posts: 3
    I've had that before, my problem was the "sway" bar. Pretty inexpensive, or could be the tie rods.
  • sailorlen10sailorlen10 Member Posts: 2
    Does any one know what size sway bar bushings this car takes? Front and rear the same size? Thanks!!
  • sailorlen10sailorlen10 Member Posts: 2
    Does any one know what size sway bar bushings my car takes?? Thanks!!
  • kargkarg Member Posts: 20
    The sway bar bushings - I don't believe are available by themselves for the 2004 or earlier - according to the other previous posts.

    I replaced my entire sway bar and it was indeed a job to do - fishing that darn thing through the front end and past all of the parts. I ended up have to unbolt the suspension from one side to get it to pass semi-easily.

    Anyway- I know that the "Sport model" had a different sway bar for the 2000 model - not sure of 2004. My guess is that you'd have to know that, as well.

    Bottom line - I don't believe they sell just the bushings.
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    Yeah I've heard you have to replace the whole sway bar. I don't think the sway bar is much of an issue on the 2nd gen (2003-up) LS's, I'd make sure that was the problem before replacing it.
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