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2012 Acura TL

hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
edited December 2013 in Acura
Check it out at the show or online. Comments?


  • While I'm not a fan of the beak, if I wanted an Avalon, I'd buy an Avalon.
  • From the pictures on the Acura website, I have no regrets about the one I have. All they did was inserted the RL grill and made some cosmectic changes.
    The only regret is not having the blind spot warning-love that feature.
    Maybe they will be able to swap out my mirrors-I will inquire in the fall.
  • Agree....looks a lot like an RL from the front now. Think I will stick to my "beaked" model, at least it has character. Only wish it had ventilated seats....oh well.
  • Will the 2012 TL still require premium unleaded?
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    Yes, no change in the premium gas requirement.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    edited February 2011
    Do you think the '12 refresh is an improvement over the '09-'11? For those of you who took a pass on the '09-'11 because of its styling, is the new 6-speed automatic that helps fuel economy, plus the freshened styling, what you were hoping for? Would/will you buy a '12 TL?

    I'm disappointed. The styling still doesn't look coherant to me. Part of the problem, in my eyes, is that I see too many conflicting styling cues. For me, Acura lost its way in '09, and the '12 refresh demonstrates that Acura is still struggling to regain its mojo. That said, the '12 is a slight improvement over its predecessor, and I like the fact that they've shortened the front by 1 1/2", making this big car a little trimmer. Overall, however, it's too little, too late. I'll wait for the next generation, which will probably be the '14, or buy another brand.
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    I currently own a 2007 TLS and 2010 TSX so therefore dedicated to the Acura Brand. Lately I have been very dissapointed with Acura. :cry: Their design direction is somewhat misguided and their lineup lacking a performance line up. Their service sucks also. :mad: I've noticed a steep decline in lately. The 2012 TL in my mind is no different than the 2009-2011 TL period + or - a few add ons. It's still a bloated sedan. I am very dissapointed in the overall direction of the TL. Looks like Grandpa should be driving it. I am now converting to the "other side." Just orderd my new Audi 2011 S4. Honestly if Acura would build another performance sedan I would buy it! Acura is missing out on this segment of buyers and I don't understand! Audi told me there is a 6mo wait on my car. The Audi factory is running at full tilt with orders. I saw the orders in the system for myself. Acura better wake up before they become extinct! Oh and BTW I am holding on to my TLS. Wouldn't part with it on my life!! Last of the great Acuras. :P
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    I was at the Chicago auto show yesterday and spent some time in and around the new TL. I have to agree with others that the TL is not a great design overall but the improvements made for 2012 make the car look a lot less star trekky and soften the look substantially. Lot less garish looking and smoother. The big improvement I see is the 6speed tranny and the subsequent increase in MPG. 20city/29hwy for a large luxury car with 280hp is really very good. I know the Avalon gets that same MPG but if you compare the quality of materials in the interior and even exterior the TL is a nicer car and even with the current design is better looking than the Avalon as well IMO.

    The TL is not really on my hot list but is I were looking for a roomy, high tech luxury car with good power and MPG it would be.
  • Why not the S6???
    I have not sat in the S4 but I am hoping it is a step up from the A4 2.0.
    I actually rode in the 2.0 (co-worker) and I was not impressed, the car is very cramped and the inside framework did not wow me as did the old 1.8T.
    I have the 2009 TL SH-AWD and I absolutely love this car, no complaints for almost 2 years of ownership in addition, all I get is compliments. Maybe in about 2 years I will upgrade to the RL (If they give it the V8 and AWD). If not I will probably get the E550 or E63 AMG.
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    Well for one I am trading my 2010 TSX and keeping my TLS. Love my TLS and get constant compliments. The TSX w/V6 is a joke in my driving opinion. Handles like crap. Gas mileage sux too. I've owned it for over a year now and really unhappy with the fit and finish of the car. Paint is paper thin and is chipping all over the front from HWY driving. Acura service treats you like owning a Honda. I know this because i've owned them. The S4 is one hell of a car st 333HP Supercharged V6 w/ 323 PD FT of Torque. Car gets 27/18 Gas Mileage. Also it's AWD. The car is a rocket! Handles better than the BMW 335i .. check the road tests online and starts at 48K. 0-60 4.7 Sec. QTR Mile 13.1 sec. Optioned is around 55K. The Exterior looks and interior quality is unmatched. It's basically a 4 door Porsche. Service treats you like you own a Porsche.. I know this because I also own a 1998 Porsche 911 C4S.
  • Don't beat me up if I am wrong but I read in a comparison test several months back that the TL AWD with the manual out ran the S4.
    In any event good luck with the S4 and I agree with you on the TSX. I had one for a loaner and I could not wait to get out of work that day to get back in TL.
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    Ah... no sir. Motor Trend did the review comparison. The TL took last place and the S4 took first place over the BMW 335i. Basically the S4 spanked the pants off the TL SHAWD. S4 Stock = Supercharged V6 produces 333HP w 323 Pound Ft of Torque. Equates to 0-60 of 4.7 Sec. It's basically a wolf in sheeps clothing. Add a AWE exhaust and Stasis tune and you got 400+ HP even with safety latches for the kid's car seat! ;)
  • jbhansenjbhansen Posts: 20
    edited February 2011
    For me personally? The answer is yes. I stayed away from the TL because IMHO Honda had beaten it with the ugly stick. I like the revised styling, and I've always loved the ELS sound system in this car, so yes, I will be buying a '12 when the time arrives.
  • I went to the Chicago Auto Show today. I have owned 2 prior generation Acura TL's, the 1999 and most recently the 2005. I am tall 6'4" and have always appreciated the TL's front leg room, cockpit layout, technology integration, above average performance (although this could be improved) & value compared to the European sedans in it's class. I am due for a new car in the next few months and was curious to see the new model. The 2012 was there and accessible. Cockpit did seem a little cheapened with more plastic but the driving position is still comfortable. I would really like seat thigh extenders but those are on few models namely BMW & Audi. I will probably wind up with a new TL. It will be a little painful on the price front. I paid 32K for my 2005 TL. Assuming discounts will be a stretch with the new model, I'll probably wind up in the low 41K range for the new model. That is an ouch! The redesigned front and rear are unobtrusive. It is more vanilla-like. But car designers can't please everyone. Of course they said the latest model TL was an eyesore with the beak. Now they say it is boring. One piece of information I have not read anywhere. I asked the salesperson whether it would be spring or fall. She stated without hesitation that it would be released in March. I probably need my new car by summer. I have teenagers and one will inherit my 2005 TL which they need at that time. I am still going to look at some other cars including the Infiniti G37, Audi A4 & BMW 3 series. I thought Hyundai had some interesting new models. But I suspect I'll wind up with TL. It's hard to beat the overall package.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    God speed to you on the S4. Hopefully for you you won't suffer the Audi reliability issues that still plague that brand.
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    Smarty.. I never thought I would see the day when I would jump ship from Acura. I love them! I am so damn dissapointed in their direction "Performance Wise." Bring back the "S" Line or Performance Line of cars damit! People like myself have the $$ to buy! I love my 2007 TL Type S and will hold onto it until it dies! It has provided me with 70K+ miles of no problems. As far as Audi goes their reliability has come along "Light Years" from their past. I know plenty of Audi owners 2007 and newer models that have has excellent success and 0 issues. Their Quattro AWD System is unmatched.. in my opinion. I live in the Northeast so the S4 provides handling, power and all year round enjoyment. Audi Customer Service is top notch. Acura has been lacking that lately .. at least in my area lately. My dealership is old and outdated. It's just like an old Honda Dealership! When Acura brings back the "S Line" i'll be back!
  • I had the 2003 TL type S and had to get rid of it-too much wheel spin and torque steer. I have said this many of times-there is a 30 degree incline in my neighborhood and the type s could not make it over when it snows-embarrassing!!!
    My 2009 AWD is a joy to drive-talk about grip and cornering,this car holds it own. I had your car for a loaner and I was not impressed with the handling, straight line pick -yeah but the handling is not up to par with the 4G AWD. I just dont see myself owning another FWD with all that power or just FWD.
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    My 2007 TLS goes like a TANK in the snow! Excellent! Honestly I was just going to trade my 2010 TSX for another 07 or 08 TLS! But then I would have two of the same car thats why I went with the Audi S4. I drove the TL SHAWD and I love the handeling but can's get past the design. I will wait for the refresh of the TL in a few years. By then my Audi will be close to 50K for trade in!
  • Seems hard to accept knowing that all that power is going to the front. A friend of mine just traded the previous generation Maxima for a Armanda because of the same issue. But if you say yours go that's a benefit especially in the snow belt regions. Why wait for the next TL? Why not step up to a S6? I think my next car will be European either the E63, E550 or the S6- time will tell.
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    Believe it or not my wife drives the TLS 90% of the time. No issues at with wheelspin.. the VSA kicks in nicely to balance it out. That car is the best bang for the buck period! Excellent Build quality and zero problems. Excellent Car! And it's fast! The S6 is a beast! The MPG on that car are horrible! The S4 is V6 Superchaged with 18 /28 HWY combined 21. The S6 is like 12/18 HWY AVG 15 MPG or something with that big honkin' V8. No thanks I like to have a Surf and Turf dinner once and awhile!
  • amcdadamcdad Posts: 61
    I saw this in Chicago. I know the current TL's look is polarizing- but at least it is unique and clearly sporty. The softened 2012 just looked boring to me. Doesn't seem sporty or luxurious looking- it's simply bland. Just my opinion.
  • jtlajtla Posts: 373
    Totally agreed. The current gen TL is not my cup of tea, but if I am to choose one, I'd go with 2009-2011. The 2012 "refreshened" style is just not inspiring at all.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I hear you man, I feel the same way. I don't see myself in another Acura any time soon and most likely will be shopping BMW, Infiniti, and Audi the next time around. I really like Audi's vehicles but the reliability issues are still issue, granted better then they were, but still the worse of the German 3. I've been to Audi dealerships myself and never found their service any better than Acura or Infiniti. That though it dealer specific so it might just be b/c of the way my 3 local Audi dealerships operate so take that with a grain of salt.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    edited February 2011
    Common for most rice burners and higher performance domestic runners to use premium. BIG problem finding high test (91-93 Octane) during the last gas shortage for our one remaining high performance Japanese import. We have to say that for a twenty year old car (300ZX) it was one of the best made cars we ever had! It just demanded premium fuel - not a big cost deal if you can find it during manufactured shortages. Ethanol just would not feed that bulldog.
  • jspagna1jspagna1 Posts: 34
    See the beak has grown on me. And I totally agree with you about the Avalon statement.
  • bearnkdbearnkd Posts: 4
    Seriously disappointed in the 2012 TL refresh. It now looks like any other sedan on the market.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    I have to agree with you-not because I own a 2009.
    I went to the local dealership on Saturday to take a look and a slight possibility of trading in my 2009-not because of the grill but because of the added bells and whistle (ventilated seats, blind spot warning etc etc). Frankly, I was not only disappointed but disgusted. The new grill looks like it does not belong on the car-it looks after market and the added softness to style makes the car blend in the general popuplist like the Camrys, Accord and Altima. Botton line, I will hold on to 2009 gem untill the 2014 model comes out or possible if the RL gets the V8 and AWD.
    Almost forgot, they should have stuck to the split quad pipes on the AWD models, the regular twin pipes they brought over from the FWD drive is so common these days.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    A '11 Accord EX-L V6 seems like a much better alternative to the '12 TL.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    For you??? Sorry I graduated from FWD platforms, it has to be AWD or RWD.
    I have the 2009 AWD Tech with only 9k miles on it and I am loving it.
    Diamond White Pearl
    35% Tint
    Back up sensors
    Wood Wheel and Shift Knob
    All weather mats
    Door Edge Guards
    Rear floor liner
    LED whites for rear plates
    Next project-LED for DRL.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    Nicely optioned!

    As for the '12, I haven't seen it yet.
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