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1999 Ford F450 Diesel In Oil??

ford_fanaticford_fanatic Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Ford
I have a 1999 ford F450 super duty and while driving it it blew out a heavy black smoke cloud and quit running there is excessive fuel in the oil. The truck will not start after this and made a loud clank noise before it quit. Mechanics say it is one of the diesel injectors but other say it is the turbo i am at a cross road and cant find no other information on it. The Motor is not locked up and didn't throw a rod it will turn over just lots of fuel in the oil please help


  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Is this the 7.3 Powerstroke? I doubt it is the turbo, unless it shelled and the engine ingested the parts, which means, call the junk yard, you will need a whole new motor.

    But since you have fuel in the oil, you had an injector crap out, dumping fuel under high pressure into the cylinder. Since you heard noise, my guess is that one injector blew starving all the rest of fuel, leaning out the cylinders, which could be the noise you heard, the the black smoke was the massive fuel that was dumped. Trying to restart the engine is how you got fuel in the oil.

    You can check the turbo yours self, just pull the boot off the intake and see if the impeller is still there, and give it a spin, it should spin freely, with some play.

    You can get injectors for about $300 each, best to replace them all at once, just like changing spark plugs in a gasser, you dont replace just one when you do a tune up. You put one new injector in, the rest will start to fail.

    Also check that the #8 injector is of the correct type, Ford has a TSB out regarding cackle, and to alleviate it, they put a different injector in for that cylinder.
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