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2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Starting issues



  • 2010 Town & Country 4.0L Limited. I have the same issue. It started at about 45,000 mi...of course after the warranty was up. I turn the key and I get a click. everything else works (i.e. lights, radio, DVD, etc.) but the engine will not turn over. This usually happens when the wife makes a quick trip to Costco. After waiting for about 20 min, it'll start. I've taken it to the dealership twice now. both times it was towed in because it would not start. Of course when we arrived, it worked. They upgraded the software, provided 2 new key fobs, new battery, but still has the same issue. I have seen post of the TIPM, but sometimes that doesn't work either. I've also seen post about a new starter, ignition, TIPM, battery cables and still no start. This is very frustrating. I cannot rely on thi svehicle at all. I'm pretty sure I will not be buying a Dodge again, especially because they cannot figutre it out. These posts have been reoccuriig for several'd think they would have it figured out by now. My next minivan will be Honda or Toyota which seem to be more reliable.
  • And I finally bought a new starter and it never did it again
  • I have 2010 GC, took me 20-50 tries to start the van. I turned the key and get a click, after about 40 mins of trying it finally started. First time this happened, recently had a new starter put on it
  • I have a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan. It currently has about 102xxx miles. About a month ago the check engine light came on and the radio stopped working. I took it to get checked out and even though my battery tested fine after inspecting my vehicle they told me that all the codes pointed to the battery being bad. So hesitant I went ahead with getting a new one. When i went to pick it up the battery was dead. I was told to bring it back if the issue persisted. Well 3 days after again after about a 6 hour shift my car was dead. After that the battery kept dying constantly every day. I took it back and they couldn't find an issue the battery was good and so was everything else. They judged me as crazy and told me i had probably left a light on. so i went home and that same night it happened again. I decided to buy a new battery else where and we had been going on for now almost 2 weeks and my car is dead again. Any advice ideas?
  • tiffyx4tiffyx4 Posts: 1
    I have been experiencing this problem for quite some time. Have had the battery and alternator tested. I have found turning the key to the accessory mode, waiting a second, turning back to off position (repeat 2X) to work. I have been stranded, several
    times, had car towed, etc..... Finally the guy at advance auto told me this tip and it works. There is a problem the fuel pump delivering fuel
    to the engine when the car is trying to start. This generally happens why the car has been running for a while, go into a store and I am
    nnot away from the van for that long. If it rests all day while at work or over night it starts with no problem. One quick pause during turnover and then starts immediately. However, trips around town with intermittent stops leave me stranded. 
  • tomsteertomsteer Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 grand caravan and I have a similar problem but different, in that when I turn my plastic fob nothing happens at all, no gage lights. Then I turn the key to start and my engine will not turn over. When it starts after about a hundred try's, lights on dash come on then I turn and the engine cranks and starts. If I turn my van off it will not re start. Please help, thanks tom
  • I have a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan and recently started having problems starting the car. When I put the key in, all lights come on and function correctly. The engine will try to turn over once and all the lights go blank until I release the key, then the lights come on again. At first I would just turn the key to off, try again and it would start. The other day I tried this several times and it would not start. Finally I put the car in neutral and it started. Today it wouldn't start and just out of curiosity, I unlocked the car with the FOB and then tried it again, it started. My battery is only 3 months old and since all the electronics/lights function correctly all the time, even when it won't turn over, I don't think that is a problem. To me it seems like when the car is in park the system doesn't always read it correctly and won't let the car start. It doesn't happen every day but I guess I will keep putting it in neutral to start it if this continues. I wish there was an inexpensive solution but no one seems to have a simple answer for this.

    That's my two cents. If anyone has any ideas, they are greatly appreciated.
  • im also experiencing the same problems . howevr i cant shift out of park with my foot on the break and the key on .
  • ther is a recall on my 2009 grand caravan ignition , im wondering if this is a shifter problem or the recall
  • This works for my 2010 T&C which just recently started having the no-start problem. One click, lights and nothing! Try this.
    When your van won't start turn the key to the ON position, press on the brake pedal and shift the shift lever on the dash to drive and back to park a couple of times. Then try it again. Also, you should be able to do the above and shift to neutral and turn the key and it should start. There is a neutral switch button in the shift lever mechanism which is inside the dash and it gets worn to where it won't always make contact. Bad part is you have to take the entire dash apart to replace it. There is an excellent step-by-step you tube video on how to change the part including how to take apart the dash. The part is available on E-Bay for around $150.
    This is becoming more of a problem. Just recently I asked the dealer about it and they are stumped as to a solution. They said they had just had two vans towed in in the past three days but when they got to the shop they started right up.
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