Touchscreen failure 2011 XJL

doctorlecterdoctorlecter Member Posts: 1
I just bought a 2011 XJL. This morning, after stoping at a gas station, when I re-started the car, the center touchscreen monitor slowly turned a quite nice "pink" color. That was it. I turrned off and on the engine several times and nothing, pink was back.

If you touched the screen, you could hear the beeps of some keys being pressed, and when I either pushed the iPod volume up or down with the steering wheel keys, the pink would change shades.

It lasted all 45 miles of my communte. Five hours later, when I got back in the car, everything was working fine.

I called my dealer and a second dealer (I am a physician after all and i like second opinions), both said that they have never heard of something like it.

There are no recalls pending on my car ( 5,000 miles old ) and I have been not able to find anything on line.

Any ideas anyone?


  • ecurryecurry Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2011 XJL as well. Purchased it December 2010 and have nearly 26k miles on it now. Haven't had that issue, but have noticed a couple of times that the dash was slow to come on when I first started the car. I have noticed that if you want to reboot all systems, after you shut the car down, you must open the door and close it again. Otherwise the computers don't reboot totally. So far so good. I don't know who the software company is who Jag used, but they need to find another software supplier. This car is cool, but is totally dependent on the software to monitor all systems.
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