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Matrix driving up mountain passes

alexb5alexb5 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Toyota
Hello -

We live in Colorado and are thinking about buying either a Matrix or Civic. It looks like the Matrix has more horsepower. We plan to drive the car up I-70 in the winter and summer. What are your thoughts, will we be able to keep up with the other cars on the mountain passes?


  • deafmatrixdrvrdeafmatrixdrvr Member Posts: 2
    We have a 2010 Matrix S with about 25000 miles on it. The S has the 2.4 motor. It is a very peppy little car has no problems on hills. Don't know about the 1.8 tho.

    However, be warned that that the car has very flimsy doors that do not seal out air leaks and tire noise. I drove ours from FL to WA and had a significant permanent hearing loss after a mere 7 days of driving the thing. I've taken it to the dealer twice to have door seals replaced but it still whistled. I finally ran a thick line of clear silicone sealant behind all four door gaskets and that has helped considerably but I'm tired of messing with it so expect we will dump it and get something tighter.

    Also the 2.4 has the same tiny gas tank as the 1.8 and with lower gas mileage (28 hwy) only gets about 300 miles per tank. Compare this to my 2003 Camry with the same 2.4 engine which got over 30 mpg and with a bigger gas tank had a range of over 500 miles between fill-ups. Another annoyance - minor compared to the first two - is the inability to turn off the headlights. The only way is to stop the engine, pull the emergency brake up one notch then start the engine. As long as the brake is on (beep beep) the headlights will stay off. We ride the ferry a lot and they ask you to turn off your lights when getting on or off but without the brake on we can't do it.
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