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2008 Suburban transmission whine

yowzaericyowzaeric Member Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Chevrolet
I have a reoccurring problem with my 08 4wd Suburban. The transmission/transfer case is whining when it get warmed up. this is a very high pitched whine- similar to electrical noise in a stereo system but is coming from the trans/transfer case. We now have 50k on the truck. we've had both the left and right front axle shafts and CV joints replaced due to issues with the front end. I've ben to the dealer with this issue three times and each time they say there is nothing wrong. I didn't have the issue until about 35K and it does not appear to affect the fuel economy. We're getting about 20 on the hwy. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Essentially my dealer has told me the trans will have to fail in order for them to fix it.


  • wessywessy Member Posts: 8
    Just got my 07 Tahoe back from the dealer. I had the same noise and they found that it was coming from the rear axle. The gears were scuffed and the axle bearing races were pitted. Total rebuild of the rear differential under factory warranty fixed the problem. I would have sworn the noise was coming from the transfer case too but it wasn't. Good luck.

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