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Eurovan PopTop Luggage Carrier/Struts

jcaltjcalt Member Posts: 1
I have a 99 Eurovan onto which I have mounted a luggage rack and to that an Xcargo into which I want to load 50 to 75 lbs. The 100 lb. pressure struts installed by Winnabago won't even hold up the empty Xcargo and luggage rack. Someone else has done this I know. I can increase the strut pressure to 145lb. and or add two more struts to the front of the ones that came with the Winnabago poptop installation.

What's best?



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    keybankerkeybanker Member Posts: 20
    Increasing the strut pressure to 145lb could damage the scissor hinges and make it very difficult to close the roof. If you used poles to use as chocks to support the roof when it is open, that might be a better solution.
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