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Similar to the 2011 Corolla being produced much later than usual (Dec. 2010) it is expected that the 2012 Corolla will begin production in November 2011. I know it is quite early and the 2011s were recently released, but I am wondering what Toyota has in store for the 2012 Corolla and when the 11th generation will officially debut. There are rumors on sites as late as 2014. Will the current generation last this long and remain popular for this extended length of time? With that being said, I don't see Corollas being sold quickly at all in my region. I understand it is winter and not a busy time of the year for sales, but there are still a ton of NEW 2010s on dealer lots. I see a trend of many 2010 LEs manufactured at NUMMI on dealer lots. Not only units produced at NUMMI but units produced at the Canadian plant as well. I was at a local dealer this past Sunday and saw a new 2010 LE manufactured in Canada in November 2009 still on the lot for sale. This car was actually on the dealer's lot for MORE than one entire year!

With the tough competition in this class, will there be revisions made to the 2012 (i.e., 5-speed auto. transmission to improve MPG, disc brakes, other features, options, etc.)? It is safe to assume the styling will be the same as 2011 as the refresh was introduced and should carryover into 2012.

I always wondered if the NUMMI plant closing had anything to do with Corolla production being in "limbo" until the new plant opens in Mississippi later this fall. For example, XLE and XRS eliminated for 2011. Many upscale options no longer available, JBL, leather, navigation. However most remain available in Canada with the exception of the XLE model. I know these were never big sellers here in the U.S., but then Toyota didn't really market these models and options. Very few units produced. I never saw either model in my region. In my opinion, I think it would be wise for Toyota to reconsider some of these options and features for 2012 in addition to making further updates. It's clear the competition in the compact class is very strong. Any thoughts or opinions?


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    2012, 2013 Corolla will be almost the same as the 2011 model.
    A new version will come in 2014/2015.
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    You might not be right about that! Toyota changes the design of its cars on the second year after refresh, so I believe they will have 2012 Toyota Corolla in August 2011, and later on introduce completely new design 2013 Toyota Corolla in January-April 2012.
    This is just a guess; however, they have to do it, if they want to be competitive to new Focus, Elantra, Civic....
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    I test drove the 2011 Corolla and hated it so I just bought a 2011 Fiesta SES. For the same money I got leather, heated seats, Sync, satellite radio, push button start, Dual clutch automated 6 speed transmission and it is rated way better than the Corolla. I just traded my last Toyota in for it so hey Toyota are you listening? Take your 4 speed transmission Model T and re-design it before its too late.
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    This very well may be true. Ninth generation Corolla debuted in Jan. 2002 as a 2003 model and remained being built through Nov./Dec. 2007. as 2008 model year. The ninth generation Corolla lasted for six years rather than the typical 5-year cycle. Toyota could decide to keep the 10th generation around for 6 years as well. There are rumors out there that also say Toyota is delaying the introduction of the 11th generation to really get things right with the next Corolla.

    In my opinion, it would be wise for Toyota to update the current Corolla's powertrain to improve fuel economy, add more preferred options available in cars of the compact class (i.e., Civic, Elentra, Focus, Cruze). I really can't see this current Corolla surviving another 2+years without any slight updates already found across the compact car class. Sure it is a reliable car, but people expect and want more as offered by the competition.
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    It is expected that 2012 Corollas will begin production in November 2011. This is most likely due to the new Mississippi plant not being ready until later this year. This production timeline for Toyota is very accurate and a pretty good predicition of when we see models appearing:

    http://phharval.com/home/news-and-media/motor-news/929-toyota-updates-build-out-- dates-for-2011-models-and-start-up-dates-for-2012-models
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