Thinking of buying a 2009 Honda Accord

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I recently found a 2009 Honda Accord for sale that is within my price range and something I'm seriously considering. I do have a question that someone may be able to answer or provide some insight.

Vehicle Details: Honda Accord EX-L V6 Navigation System

The carfax checks out with no problems but one thing sparked my interest was that within a span of 6 months it says "Anti-theft computer/module replaced" - does anyone know what that may mean? Should I stay away? To have it re-placed in such a close amount of time is odd and makes me think something is wrong with the car even though I dont know exactly what it means. Any help would be greatly appreciated! It is a certified pre-owned Honda.



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    You might have better luck in our discussion called Quick Question for a Car Dealer. We have at least one former Honda salesperson who may be able to answer that, and several other folks who may know the answer.


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    You are worried about nothing.

    Car Fax's have stopped a lot of people from buying perfectly good cars.

    Still, if you are uncomfortable (no reason to be), you should move on.
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    I just purchased brand new over certified used because of dealer cash and 0.90% financing for sixty months.
    The cost of a two year old Honda verses brand new is within a couple thousand dollars and the peace of mind that comes with buying new can't be beat.
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