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Fix 2004 Cadillac SRX or Dump?

msfurmsfur Member Posts: 17
My 2004 SRX gas 67k miles on it. While in for inspection ( passed) and oil change they tell me it has the following-
Leaking power steering pump, leaking timing cover and both rear axle seals leaking, plus I need new belts and radiator hoses- total is more the $4k.
That is if I repair only the leaking timing cover- if while they are at it I replace the timing chain, just to be safe, it will add another $400.00 or so.

The history of the car has been repair filled, the exception being last year, which was problem free.

Anyway, should I do the repairs and have faith it will not be a yearly financial drain, or cut my losses and get a different car.
I love the car, just not the problems!
Any suggestions??


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    normanjnormanj Member Posts: 10
    Frustrating. I own a 2004 SRX which I bought used 4 months ago. Since then I have replaced most of the front suspension, and it is in the shop for a starting problem and a tranny selonid problem. I would say, find an independent mechanic and see if the repair either A: would cost less or B: may not really be needed. It is usually, in my opinion, cheaper to repair than buy. If you have had a troubled history with the vehicle, then you may be gun shy about repairing. Good luck.
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    closhclosh Member Posts: 1
    I have been having a problem which is difficult to describe, but I will try to be clear.

    I bought my 04 SRX approx. 5 months ago. 1st month was great, no issues, drove like a cadillac should. 2nd month tire sensor monitor went bad and had to be replaced, 450 dollars. next 2 months the car sat in front of my house because I could not shift from park without the vehicle shutting off. The wife nagged me enough that I got frustrated and did the cheapest thing I could do to atleast try something, so I replaced the battery and low and behold it fired up and shifted from park and was back on the road. 2 days later the wife and kids are at Mcdonalds and when they get readt to leave, nothing happens as in no power nothing. she turned the key and it acted like there was no battery in it at all. So it sat over night with battery un-hooked. the next day i went and hooked up the battery and it worked fine so I drove it home. 1 day later, the wife jumps in it to go tan and when she comes out, the car starts up just fine, but when she shifts from park it shuts down again. So now it sits at the tanning parlor, waiting for me to do something with it. Has anyone had this problem or know of this problem with some ideas on what it is and how to fix it or where to start looking?
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