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Jeep Idle Air Control Valve?

zeppelin707zeppelin707 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2011 in Jeep
I haven't driven my car (1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo) for about two days, it's been very cold out and i went to start the truck this morning.The engine cranks and right when it sounds like it's going to fire it dies. The only way i can get the engine to run is if i lightly press on the accelerator, and keep it there around 2k RPMS once i take my foot off it dies again. I suspect it's the Idle Air Control Valve so i went and got come carburetor cleaner and cleaned it out.

In the process of detaching the air sensor(http://z.about.com/w/experts/Land-Rover-Repair-1470/2009/02/idle-air-cont- - rol.jpg) from the carb/valve i lost one of the screws holding it in place. And now it's a little loose and my engine still doesn't idle/start, could it be that being loose is now causing the engine not to start?

Also, i had my oxygen sensor replaced a month ago, being that one day my car would not start after work one night. And when i would first start the engine i would have to take my foot off the gas and back on so i wouldn't stall for only the first quarter of a mile. Thoughts? Could it be the oxygen sensor acting up again?


  • tekmjr28tekmjr28 Member Posts: 3
    Just replace it, they're usually not expensive, like 50 dollar range. Then get a new screw from the hardware store that matches up with the old one.
  • bbentley1991bbentley1991 Member Posts: 2
    my 04 cherokee is idleing really high and even higher in park neutral and reverse and when im stoping it jerks the gas lights on i went to autozone and did thr trouble suprot code and it said p1294 do you have any ideah what it could be and i put the bosch platnum plugs in and now the gas mileage will rise and drop lowes to 8mpg and highest at 13
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