97 mazda protege lx body

pfunk3pfunk3 Member Posts: 2
ok so i got this car on a trade with another person and i am wondering what motor swaps i could do, and will a civic sedans body parts fit on my car, cause i noticed that they look almost exactly the same. i just want a body kit. and i know that for my car they only make about two, and i would much rather have a cooler looking one than them. but reply back and tell me some of my options


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    Hop over to our Tuning & Modifications board - that's where you'll find people who can give you ideas.


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  • spoon3spoon3 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 97 mazda protege with 270,000 miles on it and it runs a little warm. It has the 1.5L in it and when i drive it the temp gauge reads about 3\4. Is this normal in this engine or does the thermostat need replaced. It has not over heated yet so i wanted to check before i take it on a long trip. Also where is the thermostat located on this engine? Thanks in advance for any help given.
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