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Bumper Cover 2011 Maxima

petemckpetemck Member Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Nissan
Noticed a crack in the very lower part of the back driver side bumper cover after driving my new car 1 day. Doesn't have any scratches or paint chips, just this 2 inch crack...odd. Since there isn't any sign of someone backing into me I'm wondering if it is a bumper defect. Can't see any damage under the back bumper or on the tailpipes.

Am I smoking something or is this a bumper factory defect? Dealer says I backed into a snow bank which is crap.


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    calvinkkcalvinkk Member Posts: 1
    My wife just noticed a crack along the top edge of the front bumper cover just in front of the right front tire on her 2011 Maxima. She didn't hit anything and there are no signs of damage. I'm wondering if there is a defect as well.
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