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slow death of new v6

trench12trench12 Member Posts: 5
2011 coupe with v6/6sp manual. At apx 1200 miles I noticed a "woodpecker" noise from idle up to about 1500 rpms. This is at operating temp, not at startup. Local Ford mech could not hear what I heard. Now at apx.1600 miles the woodpecker has turned into a small ball peen hammer. The noise can now be heard up to 2000 rpm. The frequency of the unfriendly noise leads me to belive it is bottom end and not valve train. Once again this is on a normal operating temp motor with good oil pressure. Am I the first to have one of these new engines go sour????


  • trench12trench12 Member Posts: 5
    The above Mustang spent the day under the care of the local Ford shop. Service writer said they could not find any unusual noises coming from the engine. The "ball peen" must be getting bigger as the noise can be heard getting louder and at an increased rpm. This is not the dealer where I purchased the car so I think I got the old blow off. They couldn't have driven it or the tech would have noticed the vibration and miss at normal driving speeds. Drive it till it pukes I guess. Certainly not the way I take care of equipment!!
  • dogteam1dogteam1 Member Posts: 3
    Wanting to put in a CAI for my stock V6 2003 Mustang. Is there that much saving on the MPG's ? Is there any HP pick up from these ? I know you get a better sound, depending on one's view of sound. What about steel tubing versus plastic, I heard that the metal tubing wasn't as good as the plastic ... Thanks

  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Don't count on a mpg or hp increase. It will be mostly sound and throttle response.
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