Porsche 911 All wheel drive vs. Two wheel drive

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I'm considering purchasing a 911 and was wondering the pros & cons of getting an all wheel model as opposed to rear wheel drive. I would appreciate any comments from those with experience.


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    The old VC based C4 probably isn't worth the bother.

    If you're looking at the C4 with the prospect of safe wintertime driving then don't...leave the 911 in the garage throughout the winter. Other vehicles on the road represent the primary wintertime DANGER.

    The newer 911 that uses the electromagnetic front drive clutch is probably ideal otherwise, track use or in the wilds, sparsely populated areas, NO cops) of MT, etc.

    If you have no track desires or sparsely populated areas in which to PUSH the envelope, then a C will be fine.
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    I disagree. The C4 is MADE to drive in the winter. This car is absolutely AMAZING in the snow. Buy it and drive it!!!!
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    What are you disagreeing with...?

    I never said the C4 wasn't good in the snow...

    If something's going to get bent out there in the winter wonderland I'd rather it NOT be my C4. Driving on the grassy/icy shoulder or through ditches to get around a wintertime blockade of stalled/wrecked/abandoned vehicles is not my C4's forte'.
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