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Acura Legend speedometer noise?

roughryderroughryder Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Acura
I recently developed a chirping/whirring noise in the front left corner of my Legend. I finally unscrewed the speedometer cable coupler in the engine compartment and my noise disappeared. After lubricating the top half, I reconnected the cable and my noise came back, but it wasn't quite as loud. When it was disconnected the automatic did not shift the same. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Can anyone offer advice on how to fix this problem? Thanks..


  • l95l95 Posts: 2

    If you own a Legend, and would like to know more about your Legend, including maintenance, there is a large Legend community out there. Here is the link

    My posts out there is ScottV

  • l95l95 Posts: 2
    I forgot your problem: replace our speedometer cable if you have the first generation Legend (86-90). I think you do.
  • i have a 1990 ACURA LEGEND L, with 183000 miles and had no problems with it, it runs great no dought. the only problems i ever had with it is a small radiotor problem and brakes. after replacing the brakes the ABS light turned off. about 2 weeks later it came on again.I checked the fluid, and the brakes, everything seems to be hooked up right but the abs light is still on. I think i need to reset the computer but i do not know how to. if that is not the problem then please email me any solutions/how to reset the computer, please the light is very aggrivating,:)
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