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Service bulletin on 2011 Honda Accord: need to open engine

accmanaccman Posts: 6
edited September 2014 in Honda
I just bought my new 2011 Honda Accord EX-L I4. When I read through my car's purchase document, I found that there is one service history on my car which cost about 500 dollars using warranty. The service was performed in Dec. 2010 when the car was still in the dealer's lot. So I contacted my salesperson and he told me that they inspected and replaced the rocker shaft holders in the engine according to a Honda issued service bulletin, which he never told me before the purchasing...

So I did some research and found that doing such service means open the engine and do the replacement. It gave me some bad feeling when I thought my new car actually has experienced such repairement. It also gave me some concern since this engine opening was done at the dealer instead of at the factory, although I told myself that all the technicians are equally qualified.

So I would suggest that new buyers take a close look at your car's service history at the dealer and decide whether you still want that car or do more negotiation. My car was delivered to the dealer in Nov. 2010, so I guess other cars with similar delivery time may also have such problem.


  • Honda issued a small recall / stop sale on a small percentage of 2011 Accords, and CRV's I beleive due to a possible oil leak caused by new engine parts used to achieve greater fuel efficiency - any cars on dealers lots that were affected were fixed prior to being delivered such as yours - and the ones that slipped through to customers will receive official notices from American Honda. Rest assured your Honda will provide you with years of trouble free service.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,600
    You are fretting over nothing.

    " Opening" your engine amounted to removing the valve cover and inspecting the rocker shaft which is a very minor thing to do.

    Instead of being worried, you should be happy that Honda is such a pro-active company that they did this before delivery instead of sending you a letter later to bring it in.
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