2011 Charger R/T AWD

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Any feedback from new owners of a 2011 Charger R/t AWD? I am thining of trading in my 2005 Magnum R/T AWD for a Charger and would like any initial owner feedback. I'm looking at the MAX version of the Charger.


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    I drove the RT awd today and all I can say is WOW.

    The drive was excellent and of course the Hemi was very powerful as you'd expect. Very smooth over the Metro Detroit ruts and potholes.

    Apart from the external cosmetic changes which are self evident (my kids and I just love the full width rear LED lights and the agressive front 'crosshair') , the interior is where the major positive changes have taken place.
    I was never a fan of Chysler producs before today. I've always been an Audi fanboy but today the dashboard in the new charger reminded me of an Audi interior. Praise indeed from someone who's never bought 'American' before.

    For example - the heating controls are large, clear, and legible (unlike past Chryslers where you had to study each button to figure out how to operate the fan speed!)

    The dash covering looks like a German car's covering (ie that softish leather look and feel). And the car seems very solid - the trunk and doors shut with a solid thump rather than a clang.

    I'm a convert and i'll be looking into the new Charger as my next vehicle.
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    I just went and looked at the 'Toxic Orange' Charger R/T with black leather interior and a few upgrades at our local dealership. Yeah, I now want one. It'll be a little while until I can get my wife to consider letting me ditch my Civic ( http://www.chevynovaln.com/Honda2005/ ), though i doesn't hurt to start looking. The 2011 looks great. I was looking at an AWD R/T about 2 years ago and practically had her convinced that it was ok to get, but ultiimately decided to put the money into my '75 Nova project and had to forgoe a new vehicle for a while.

    I have driven an 06 Charger R/T that my boss owned, and I have also driven his recent replacement vehicle, an 06 Chrysler 300, both of which I liked, but didn't care as much for the interior. The 2011 looks/feels amazing. I'm wondering what sort of deals can be made on the 2011's as I know some manufacturers are acting as though the economy i great and don't work with the consumers much below sticker price. I hope Dodge isn't in that boat, as if I can get a new 2011 AWD for close to $500/month at lowest interest rate possible, even if I have to go 72 months, its worth it.

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