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Kia Optima Lease Questions



  • You're very welcome cura04. I'm glad that you have found these discussions so helpful. Here's the information that you're looking for.

    Kia Financial Services' February buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 39-month lease of a 2012 Kia Optima SX Premium with 15,000 miles per year are .00090 and 53%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    When negotiating your deal on this car, make sure to take advantage of the $1,000 cash incentive that is currently available on leases of it.

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  • Hey shand32783. The additional $1,000 cash incentive on leases of the Optima definitely exists. Make sure to take it into account during your negotiations.

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  • ap19ap19 Posts: 2

    I am interested in the Optima. I have never purchased or leased a car, therefore this is all new to me. I would like to ask you all, why did you choose to lease rather than buying? Do you believe the deals are better for a lease?

  • So as I read above, I know of the $1000 competitive cash...

    And now a $1000 lease cash too that's combinable... Is the $1000 additional lease cash a Manufacture to Dealer incentive? I ask only cause I can't find any language on it on the website... does anyone have a link to the information? I'd like to come in with as much info as possible.

  • Just leased a 2012 SX turbo w/technology and premium touring pkg bottom line was $326.35 with only first month due at signing. I will post the full numbers....don't have the lease contract with me at the moment. Lease is for 39 months/15k/year in NJ
  • Nice deal!

    Please do post full details. And, I think you can name the dealer, just not the salesman, here as well.


  • I would be interested in speaking with your dealer, need new within month
  • On Monday (2-27) I picked up the above car with an MSRP of $27200 negotiated for $25000.

    Also qualified for $1000 lease cash and an additional $1000 competitive cash for a purchase price of $23000.

    MF was.00095
    Residual of 55%

    The only bad thing was, they had to do a dealer swap and on the way down the windshield got a ding and they have to replace the windshield now...They said it was $1100 for the replacement...but I'm sure their costs is much less.
  • rp8rp8 Posts: 8
    I am looking into Leasing a 2012 KIA Optima EX w/ premium package. I qualify for the Competetive Incentive, but does anyone know if they are still offering the $1000 Lease Cash in March? If anyone has had any luck in getting that $1000 lease cash this month, please let me know. Thanks.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Good question ap19. Purchasing a new vehicle and driving it into the ground is probably the cheapest form of transportation. Consumers who want to get a new car every several years can often do quite well leasing. It all depends upon how attractive the lease program is on the vehicle that you want.

    The lease program for the 2012 Kia Optima isn't bad right now. The specific terms of the program vary by trim level, but let's take a look at the current program for the LX. A 36-month, 12,000 mile per year lease of this car has a money factor of .00068 and a residual value of 58%. That is a very solid residual value. It means that the depreciation portion of your car's monthly lease payment will be fairly low.

    A money factor of .00068 is equivalent to an interest rate of 1.63%. Again that is very attractive.

    Plus there is a $1,000 cash incentive on leases of this car right now.

    So to sum things up, if you like to get a new vehicle every three years or so, leasing an Optima makes sense. If you plan to hang onto your vehicle for longer than that, then just finance or pay cash for your car.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi Shane. Yes, the $1,000 competitive cash and the $1,000 cash incentive on leases can indeed be combined for a total of $2,000. Kia doesn't advertise the cash incentives that it is providing on leases, but it definitely exists.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi rp8. Yes, Kia is indeed still providing a $1,000 cash incentive on leases of the 2012 Optima in March.

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  • haggardhaggard Posts: 72
    edited March 2012
    The MF appears to have dropped drastically (I believe it was .00092 in Feb). Also, you indicate KIA is supporting 36 month term. Are they still supporting 39 month as well, or is this a change?

    I was unable to get my deal done in February, absolutely have to buy something in March. Could you please post the MF and residual for an Optima EX with 15K miles/year?

    Thanks again, Car_man
  • Hi Car_man,

    You're generous access to "hidden" lease incentives has helped me through 3 car leases, and now it will be a 4th. Now that the March incentives are out, could you please provide the current Money Factor and Residual for an Optima SX for 36 months, and 15K a year. Thanks so much!

    John Gettler
  • Oh, and it there *anything* like a link or file you can share with us that *proves* the $1,000 lease cash promotion exists from Kia for March? I think I might have some dealers who might not know about it or play dumb. Thanks Car_man.
  • chadecoenchadecoen Posts: 13
    Hello everyone,
    Thank you for all the wonderful info I have been trying to absorb. I have read a couple of posts about lease numbers for the st models. My wife really likes the blue one and as far as I can tell it is only available in the upper models. So, this got me thinking.....I like the LX lease offer but if I hammer out my best price on a ST, and still use a trade for $2-3K down, does anyone think I can get anywhere close to the current LX lease offer of $189/mth? How much more are we talking?

    Is there a calculator somewhere I can use to get a monthly payment? Truecar lists a "target" price for the one we want at $25,783.00. Is there a way to take that number deduct the $1K (or more?) rebate/incentive, buy some more miles, and get a monthly payment range? The trade is an old forenza so I think it qualifies for competitors incentive?

    I can't tell what they are "selling" the lx car for to get to the monthly payment they are advertising?

    I am rambling on here, can anyone follow what I am trying to do? Love that blue color!


  • bostonbenbostonben Posts: 68
    I assume you are talking about an Optima SX.

    The Truecar numbers have been off when I was price shopping last month. Here's the best February offer I received (no negotiation, via email only):

    $30,470 - MSRP
    $27,793 - Sale Price
    -$1,000 - Competitive Bonus since you have the Honda Civic
    - $500 - If you finance through Kia
    $26,293 + tax, title, registration and doc fee.

    To lease the same car, here are the details:

    With just your normal upfronts due at signing, which totals $1,343.84, the payment comes to $285.03 + tax.

    For your example, I am assuming the MSRP is $27,250 and I would assume the selling price to about 24,800 if all incentives are the same this month. I am not sure the extra $500 is around so I will leave it out for the calculation. This puts your target selling price at 23,800.

    Based on February's numbers MF 0.00090 and Residual of 53%, here is what your lease looks like with 0 down and just the upfronts due at signing (bank fee, doc fee, rmv, title): $274/mo. + tax

    $2K down (not advised) will get you to $221/mo. + tax.
  • chadecoenchadecoen Posts: 13
    Yes, yes, sorry, I meant "sx" not "st". oops!

    Anyway, I think someone a few posts up mentioned the MF was .00068 right now?

    I also thought I also read that the residual was 58%?

    I will need more miles and prolly buy them up front.

    I found some instructions for calculating a lease...does this sound right?

    $25,000.00 Optima SX (Can I even get one for this price? for less?)
    -$ 3,000.00 Trade
    -$ 1,000.00 competitor money
    $21,000.00 cap cost?

    $27,250.00 (MSRP) x 58% = $15,805.00 Residual Value

    $21,000.00 - 15,805.00 = $5,195.00 Depreciation

    $5,195.00 / 36 months = 144.31

    $21,000.00 + $15,805 = $36,805.00 x .00068 = $25.03

    $144.31 + $25.03 = 169.34 + tax/month

    $169.34 + tax a month for this hot rod? What the heck am I doing wrong here? I must have something wrong. Too cheap. It is even less than the LX lease offer being advertised right now. I have no idea if they will sell one that cheap or if I should be asking for more off but I have no problem sitting at the dealer ALL day long trying to get there. Well, I do need a few more miles than the standard 12K a year so that will cost me a little more. Anyone know what miles cost up front from Kia? Is any of this making sense? What am I doing wrong here?

  • haggardhaggard Posts: 72
    edited March 2012
    Hi Chad -

    The money factors change (usually higher) at each trim level. The residuals change (usually lower) at each higher trim level and mileage. You are using LX numbers at 12/miles per year.

    Take the trade and incentives out of the deal until you have negotiated your best price. You can get the invoice amount on the car you want here at Edmunds, and then apply rebates and trade allowance.

    The mechanics of the deal aren't all that complicated. I've found it is more about finding a dealer who needs your business/if you are in an area with competition, etc.

    And, don't believe everything you read here. Anyone can post anything. Some post deals that have the dealer going $2k past their holdback "just to earn your business". Those folks usually can't post the details, say they will come back and do so, and then we never hear from them again.

    I still believe a good deal can be had, and will continue to try and get one. But, don't believe it when they tell you they got a BRAND NEW, IN DEMAND $30K car for $20K. Just can't happen.

    Good luck.

  • chadecoenchadecoen Posts: 13
    That is what I was trying to do. Negotiate the car down to $25K and start deducting stuff from there.

    Do you have the SX model's lease numbers? On a 15K miles/year lease? What if I need 20K miles a year? Can buy them up front?

    I am really trying to figure out what the numbers should look like before the dealer starts throwing them around. Once I am comfortable with all the numbers I can go in confidant that I will not get hosed!

  • haggardhaggard Posts: 72
    edited March 2012
    Well, Edmunds says the invoice on the SX (with no options) is $25,510 including destination. Then, of course, there will be fees to add in ($595 acquisition fee, docs and any other dealer fees).

    If you go back a ways in this thread, you will see where someone did buy the extra miles up front. I think it worked out to be the same price as what you would pay at lease end for going over. So maybe just wait until you have to pay at the end, in case you don't use them? A matter of personal preference, I suppose.

    As for the MF and residuals, I'm afraid that is above my paygrade. Car_man is THE MAN that provides the relevant MF and residuals based on the trim levell/term/mileage. I'm sure he will respond to your request soon.

    Please let us know how you make out?

  • Can I get the current money factor and residual for an EX Turbo and SX? Leasing very soon, lowest miles for the residual they have (is there less than 12k?) I only drive about 7k a year. Base or Base+Premium is what I'm looking at but I dont think that effects the residual %. Thanks!
  • Car_man, is the $1000 Optima lease incentive not listed on the website special offers section because it is only a hidden "Kia to Dealer" promotion?
  • haggardhaggard Posts: 72
    vampregen -

    Sorry, I don't have that info. The hosts of this thread provide the lease rate info each month. I was just offering a fellow shopper what I've learned here so far, so he/she didn't have to start from scratch.

    I'm just another guy trying to get a decent lease deal in an area with little dealer competition. Once thought I had landed a great deal 100 miles away, didn't pan out. Now, I am back to square one, basically.

    Still hoping to get the March MF and residual for an EX (no options) 36 months with 15K miles myself.
  • pknopppknopp Posts: 13
    We just leased a Rio. There is $500 lease cash on it. It makes sense for there to be $1000 on the Optima. In trying to find all the paticulars on the Rio I'm almost positive that I did see the money on the Optima also.
  • I did find this "mild proof" of the $1,000 lease cash on incentives page. I still don't get if a hidden rebate to dealers, or customer cash. And I don't know why it's not listed on
  • haggardhaggard Posts: 72
    edited March 2012
    The $1,000 lease cash does exist, and you can combine it with the $1,000 loyalty/competitive . I visited two dealers yesterday, both worked their proposals for an EX base with the lease cash and the loyalty cash. They also told me that KIA has, in fact, gone back to a 36 month lease term. One of them also tried to tell me that "there is no more 15K mile/year" lease. The other said that was bull.

    I still cannot get them to give up the new money factor and residual, and giving any discount off of MSRP. When I had last months numbers, I would take a worksheet in with all the details. Both gave me the "I don't know anything about that, we just plug the numbers into the KIA software and it tells us what the numbers are" schtick.

    I've gotten them to acknowledge that Edmunds does furnish an accurate invoice price (although Edmunds does not list, in options, the "door sill applique" so many EX seem to come with) but locals will not waiver from close to MSRP minus the rebates. One even believed me stupid enough to accept a deal which results in them getting $600 over MSRP.

    We absolutely love the car, but may have to start looking at something else. The Optima is very popular and there is just not a lot of inventory in my area. Most of the ones we've looked at have been on the lot two months or less.
  • pknopppknopp Posts: 13
    Leasing our Rio was one of the most difficult automobile transactions I've ever done. I would have gave up if not for it being the car my wife decided she wanted.

    It was first of all, difficult to find a SX with leather. Then we also had a difficult time getting dealers to discuss numbers outside of payment.

    I finally found a dealer 4 hours away willing to give me the exact figures. (MF and residual) They were also straight on the lease money and what they would sell for. ($150 over invoice)

    I was willing to pay the aquisition fee which means they were still making around $1000-$1100 or so. Anyway, while we were dealing another salesperson sold the car. I called all around 500 miles from me. Some wanted over MSRP (which I was not going to do) and others refused to even talk to me over the phone.

    I went back to the local dealer and handed him the deal I had at the first dealer. They agreed to do the deal +$200 since they didn't have the car and would have to go get it.

    It shouldn't be this hard.
  • daveh87daveh87 Posts: 1
    Hi bostonben,

    Do you know the name of the dealer where you able to get negotiate that lease for an Optima SX? I'm in the market looking to lease an SX and near the Boston area.

  • bostonbenbostonben Posts: 68
    I never purchased so your mileage may vary, but the dealer who was most straightforward via email was Lev Kia in Framingham. Herb Chambers Burlington ended up having the best price, but it was harder to get them to disclose lease numbers without 10 follow up phone calls.
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