2004 Forester: P0301 - P0304, P1447

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2004 Forester getting check engine line codes P0301-P0304 and also P1447 every 2 weeks. Car has ~105000 miles.The first four are cylinder misfires; last one is some emmision code. Anyone know what it is and what this can be due to? I have the same problem at 60K (except for P1447) and now it's back.


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    Just curious, what work did you have done at 60,000 after the first event?

    With all four cylinders recording misfires, I have to think it is a fuel or spark issue. If your plugs and/or wires are old, that may be a first place to start. If the car is not running well, it is likely that emissions codes could follow, so I would start with addressing the engine health and see if that clears up the other issue(s).
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    * fuel filter
    * fuel pump
    * ignition wires
    * spark plugs
    * ignition coil

    If all 4 misfire it can't be a fluke.
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