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Sequoia-Burning Smell

bmlerdocbmlerdoc Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Have new Sequoia SR5. Only about 200 miles on it for first week of driving. I note a faint burning smell from the engine after I get home from work (about a 20 minute commute). Is this just the engine "burning off" any residue? Anyone had the same problem?


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    2k1trd2k1trd Member Posts: 301
    Yes this is called the NEW smell.
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    kbarrykbarry Member Posts: 9
    It is very typical for a new car to smell for the first couple of weeks that you own it. So long as you see no leaks beneath the truck, you shoudl be fine. Typically, there may be a little plastic residue on metal parts from packaging or paper labels on parts that slowly melt/burn off. It will go away soon.
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    alotawattsalotawatts Member Posts: 44
    I would not assume it's New Car Smell......that's the inside ! I have a new 4Runner and have not smelled any strong burning odors yet but I noticed many of the wire harness unions have electrical tape wraping. These can unravel and make contact with a hot manifold and other places on the block. There are many other plastic components around the hot surfaces as well..
    There is a New Engine Smell so to speak but I check mine every few days using a flashlight with the engine hot but shut off so the fan can not dispurse smells and smoke.
    Toyota make good vehicles but do not ASSume.
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