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Outback and dogs

drivingdogsdrivingdogs Member Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Subaru
I'm am considering buying an Outback, but need to fit in two crates for my dogs. Does anyone know if the Midwest SUV dog crates, which are 21 inches wide, fit in the back of the 2011 Outback? We measured one awhile back and wrote down 41 inches between wheelwells, so it seems like it is an inch too narrow, but I'm not sure we were real precise when measuring.

Also, is the space between wheelwells greater as you go up; do they slope outward. For instance, if we made a platform, say, four inches high, would the space between the wheelwells then accommodate two 21-inch wide crates?

And, finally, does the window on the tailgate open separately from the door?

Thanks, any help is appreciated.


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