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2011 Scion tC

ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
edited September 2014 in Scion
The Scion tC has been completely redesigned for 2011. Read the review and talk about it!


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    vickatvickat Member Posts: 43
    I guess, despite lousy sales, there're a few TC 2011 owners out there.
    Let's talk about this little car of ours.
    I've been driving RSX for almost 8 yrs, and needed replacement quick.
    Ended up with TC 2011, auto.
    have >3,000 miles on it since mid-Feb.
    Actually, pretty decent h-back. Gas mileage behaved funny, though:
    first tank ~29 mpg, 2nd and 3rd, better than 32 mpg, and the rest about 31 mpg whatever I do. Driving is 20% city, 80% highway.
    After RSX, TC of course felt a bit heavy and akward. Now, akwardness is gone, heaviness remains. Could be that great 18" wheels adding to heavy-car feeling?
    Also, being in upstate NY, will need winter tires/wheels. Advise wil be greatly appreciated.
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