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Volvo XC60 Wind Noise

mark410mark410 Posts: 7
Just bought a new xc60 turbo and i really love everything about it. Except when on the highway it sounds like a window is a bit open. Not sure if i need the windshield sealed, or is this somewhat common in this car? Anyone else experience it?


  • juxtajuxta Posts: 44
    Yes, it sucks. I think it's coming from the door windows up top. My wife's 2011 Q5 is much more quiet at highway speeds.

    Though one time the noise was pretty bad and I realized I had the window cracked just a hair.
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    Not having the issue with our 2010.
  • My two month old XC60 3.2 has slightly more wind noise at speeds above 60 mph than I recall in the test drive. I don't feel it's a big deal however. Perhaps one of your windows needs a seal adjustment or replacement.
  • juxtajuxta Posts: 44
    Hmmm. I can't see how a luxury vehicle has wind noise like a less expensive model. It's strange. There is little road noise except when going over bumps at speed. There is also very little engine noise at highway speeds so the wind noise is really standing out. It seems the 2011 XC60 I test drove (pre-November model) handled bumps with more rigidity and less noise than mine.

    I've got a few general quality issues with my XC60, so I'll email Volvo USA to let them know eventually. Basically my quality comparisons are with the 2011 Audi Q5 which in the same price range and class (and garage).
  • I got an 08 C30 and it has the wind noise. Many words have been written on this issue. It is the mirrors. Fix can be done by the dealers if they read the service blurb. C30 World can clue you in as well, as the thraed is pinned.
    I don't know which blurb it is, nor do I care, for I am one with the wind noise. :P
  • turned out i just needed the service dept to tighten the left side mirror...noise was coming from that area.
  • My 2012 S60 T6 had a problem of wind noise and whistling from the passenger side-view mirror at highway speeds. The noise was most noticeable when driving in a cross wind. This is a known problem. The dealer's service department replaced the seals around both side-view mirrors and the problem was completely solved.

    A tech bulletin was listed in a different forum (RTJ 23725). The current part numbers for the seals to fix this problem are 31335274-1 and -9.
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