Jeep Liberty CRD Factory Service Manuals

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I am shopping for a good used set of Factory Service Manuals. I found several nice seven (7) volume sets for the 2005 Model Year CRD that specifically mention the Diesel. However, I can't find any used manuals for the 2006 Model Year and the New Set I found (old printing) has only three (3) volumes. I have the CD manual for my 2006 Liberty and it has all the gas and diesel information. My question is whether the 2006 3 volume set includes all the CRD / Diesel Information. The description does not mention Diesels at all.


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    I'm glad I saw your post regarding the service manual for your 2006 CRD. It gave me the opportunity to 'upgrade' my manual AND parts fiche from the 2005 that I had on my computer.

    Go to the following:

    Click on "2006-KJ-SM.pdf" , download it and save it on your computer or drop it on a CD. If you've got enough room, keep it on your computer because it's far faster to navigate there than on a CD.

    Do the same with "06kj PARTS FICHE.pdf" if you want the parts manual. I just used it to confirm the part #s when ordering Samco silicone intercooler hoses.

    Hope this makes life a little easier for you!

    Cheers from St. Thomas Ontario Canada
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