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I'm starting a small auto transport business and just wanted to get some input on what truck I should get. I'm going to have a 5 car and 2 car trailer. I've done my research and I'm looking at a 2010 Dodge 3500, Chevy 3500, and the Ford F-350. All diesels and duallys. Not sure which one is the best choice. I'm kinda biased and I lean towards Chevy but I'd like some unbiased pure comparisons from guys that own or have owned them before. I've driven an 18 wheeler for a few years so I know how to pull but I'm just kinda stuck on the correct truck for me. Thanks guys.


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    It's going to depend on what your heaviest load will be. A 5-car trailer will probably max a 350/3500... you may want to think about a Ram 4500/5500 or Ford F-450/F-550 cab&chassis with a crew cab body and a custom tow bed. That rig would give you the weight capacity you need with room to spare.

    I'm on my second consecutive Ram 3500 dually... the current trucks are all very capable and it will come down to personal preferences in what each band offers.

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    thanks kcram. I figured that it would probably max out a 3500 but I wanted to hear it from someone else. I was looking at the F-450 and I had no idea dodge made some. Any thoughts on a Chevy Kodiak or GMC Topkick 4500/5500?
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    The Kodiak and Top Kick were discontinued a couple of years ago, so any you find will either be leftovers or used.

    The "big guys" have also dropped down to class 5 - Freightliner, International, and Kenworth all make 5s now. Overkill, but you'll also have some confidence in the components they use.

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