Ford Escape Troubleshooting: "JUST THE FACTS/NO PETTY SNIPING" Discussion

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HELP! I've had my Escape V6 w/ 16" wheels for 3,000 miles. In that time, my husband and I have watched the tire pressure closely (firestones), but I rarely park my vehicle outside (just at the office) and then, it's always facing away from me. Yesterday, my husband was walking head-on toward the vehicle, and he noticed a HUGE PROBLEM with the front tires. The inside 1/3 of the tread on each front tire is almost completely worn. The outside 2/3 is like new. It's now sitting at the dealership waiting to be looked at tomorrow. What's the problem? Can anybody provide some insight?


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    Have you had a wheel alignment since you bought the car? The dealer should have performed one before you picked up the car - but most don't and many new cars are well out of alignment from their being bounced around on trains and car carriers on their journey from the assembly plant to the dealer.

    If the tires are that severely worn, chances are they'll never wear properly so they'd likely have to be replaced (something the dealer should be willing to do for free, on a car that new and with that low mileage).
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