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97 jimmy instrumentation and running lights not working

frank_sfrank_s Member Posts: 1
I recently purchased a 1997 S-15 Jimmy.

Headlights work. However, all running lights are out. As are all instrumentation lights. When I turn on the headlamp switch for running lights or headlights, the radio and overhead trip computer display do not dim, as they should. This is with the ignition key in the run position. Or any other position for that matter.

I have checked all the fuses. Fuse #23 does not have any power to it when I check it with my voltage meter, although the fuse is good. It has no power on either side of the fuse, just to clarify. All other fuses are okay as well. Is there someting obvious upstream that supplies this fuse with power that could have failed? I've read about problems with the dimmer switch. Of the 4 wires at the dimmer control, none of them have power at any time.

Any advice would be helpfull - Thanks.


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    fossildobberfossildobber Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1990 GMC s15. The instrument lights don't work but the engine, battery, seatbelt lights do. The rear parking lights and reverse lights don't work but the signal, brake and hazard lights do. I have checked the bulbs, sockets, grounds, fuses and wiring and looks good. I don't know how to use a volt meter. Help please!
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    mattyiceemattyicee Member Posts: 1
    hi i have a 97 chevy blazer and when i turn on my headlights i have no instrument lights or radio lights. all instruments work fine and the radio works just fine. i have checked all fuses and grounds. i have also given power to the instrument fuse to make sure all the bulbs still work. right now i have it crossed with the radio fuse and they all work. any suggestions as to why i would have these lights would be highly appreciated. i have tried everything including an ohm meter to check and make sure the fuse(s) are getting the correct power or if any at all.
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