Brake Pads for 2009 Subaru Forester 2.5X

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I have a 2009 Subaru Forester 2.5X and have been looking at getting new brake pads but looking to upgrade from the standard OEM pads. I was wondering if anyone out there has tried any higher performance pads and if anyone out there can recommend any specific brake pads? I was looking at the Raybestos Professional Grade Ceramics and the Hawk Performance Ceramic pads...the price of the Hawk's are about double that of the Raybestos and I am wondering if it is just a brand name thing or if anyone can actually vouch for the Hawks that they are worth paying double for. Also any other suggestions would be great, I am just lost with picking out brake pads since I havent tried enough brands to know.


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    C&D had an article where they changed just the pads and I recall the Hawk pads performed quite admirably.

    I'm not familiar with the Raybestos but it sounds sort of generic.
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    @ ateixeira

    All they did was replace the pads? Just wondering cause usually from what I know you also want to resurface your rotors before putting on new pads. Also do you know if the test was done on a Forester or on another vehicle?
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    I use Akebono brake pads in my Outback and Corolla. I am very happy with it. You can read the review at or amazon. The brake pads are very quiet. I use ATE slotted rotor on my Outback and Centric rotor on my Corolla. Centric is a lot cheaper. Stopping distance seems to be better with Akebono pads and Centric rotor combination. This is probably because Corolla is a lot lighter.
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    I can do better - here's a link to the full article: e

    Looks like they used a Subaru after all - a WRX!
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    I'm not familiar with the Raybestos but it sounds sort of generic.

    Raybestos (circa 1902) is a year older than Ford Motor Company. Raybestos doesn't sound as generic as Ford. :D
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