Removing Mold from Honda Accord A/C system

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Hi! I've got mold in the vents and A/C system of my Honda Accord (according to my dealer). I've searched online and found two ways of treating this:

1. Remove the air vents from the dashboard and spray mold enzyme solution into the vents.

The problem: I have no idea how to remove the vents...they don't seem to pop off, and I'm worried about breaking them. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

2. Spray lysol into the air intake for the A/C system.

The problem: I have no idea where the air intake is. Is it the plastic grid of square holes under the hood, just beneath the windshield? Or is it somewhere else?

Thanks for any assistance you can offer. I've got the owner's manual, but it doesn't seem to have any info on the vents or the air intake.



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