when is the 1500 sierra crewcabs coming out?

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Does anyone know when the 1500 sierra crewcabs are coming out.??? I hear they will come with the 6.0 and bigger springs and 4 doors. 8800 lbs towing. anyone got the scoop?



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    since it's going to be an 8600 GVW anyway...aka 2500....why not just get a 2500HD at 9200 GVW?....the overinflated price of the 1500 CC will be comparable and you will get much more of a truck!.....aka bigger brakes..axles..springs..etc.....and ig you are to keep it long term....even a better reason to get a 2500HD.

    ...or do you have to have a 1/2?

    - Tim
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    I agree, because the crewcab body itself is very heavy.
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    I've seen the truck at a local RV show last weekend.

    It's marketed as a 1500 series truck, but has the same underpinnings of the standard-series 2500 truck (not the new HD series). Remember the "heavy-half" sold in the '70's (and probably through to '87 when the design changed)? This new truck is marketed with the same premise: not a full-blown 3/4-ton truck.

    In GM's trailering brochure, 'Trailering with GMC Trucks', towing specs for the 2500 series Ex. Cab 4x4 (K25753 8600 GVWR) are:
    6000 V8, 3.73 axle: 8300lb; (2WD 500lb more)
    6000 V8, 4.10 axle: 10,300lb (2WD 500lb more)

    Sales-Reps at the show indicated that the official capacities on the new 1500 crew cab will be within a "few hundred pounds" of these specs.

    The trucks are on the production line at this moment. I believe the plant is in Ohio. GM has no pricing yet, but this will be published any day. A local dealer has just placed 7 on factory order, all SLT models, no less.

    Comments: The rear doors and seat are copies of the Yukon's rear door/seat (possibly transplanted). The seat bottom flips up and the back folds flat on top; with a 60/40 split.
    I think this model will be a winner as ALL the extended body trucks out there (Big 3, Toyota included) have a compromise for a rear seat in the extended cab models.
    If length is a consideration, this truck is only 10" longer than GM's short-box extend cab models, and believe it or not, it's 8" shorter than the long box (8'-0") model!
    For overall balance, i.e. considering ride, room in the cab, towing capabilities, I think many will be lining up to grab this one.
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    tell 'em it's a 3/4.....and sales will be OK

    ..tell 'em it's a 1/2....and walahh!....gonna sell like hot cakes...

    ..if only they knew it's a 3/4....

    - Tim
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    At least there will be a truck with enough capacity. A half ton is not enough payload. This truck will have just over 3000 lbs. Leaving 2000 free in the bed after passengers. I think most people will realize they are buying a very capable truck.

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    ...yeah..a 2500!

    ...marketing is what it takes to get some people I guess?

    - Tim
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    Let's please continue this discussion in one of our other active Silverado discussions. To start, here's GMC Sierra/Chevy Silverado 1500 and Upcoming Pickup Trucks (Real or Concept).

    To mgonzalez- Feel free to copy/paste your question into either, or both, of these discussion. Thanks. ;-)



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