2011 Honda Odyssey Auto Door issues

jimh10jimh10 Member Posts: 1
We bought a 2011 EX-L three weeks ago and recently experienced problems with the driver's side automatic sliding door. The door seems to get jammed while opening and closing and then has to be opened/shut manually. Brought it to the dealer and they've kept it for 2-days so far...said they havent seen this problem yet and not sure how to fix it.

Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem with the new model?


  • erik_herik_h Member Posts: 77
    Got my ex-l back in Oct, no problems with auto slide door. I'd say your issue is an anomaly. This should be the same system they've used for years on the ody.
  • bspag1bspag1 Member Posts: 2
    We have a 2011 odyssey and are having the same problem it has almost crushed our four year old and has opened into the edge of the garage scratching the door. My wife is not happy to say the least and it is going to the dealer tomorrow if we have any luck I'll let you know. Bill
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Member Posts: 525
    Are we talking about the same problem? One is door does not open/close properly and the other one seems to be opening/closing inadvertently :confuse:

    For the 1st case, I believe the door needs to be adjusted/aligned by the dealer, no way around
  • bspag1bspag1 Member Posts: 2
    The Dealer replaced the roller assemble so far so good other than the fact the the door reversed and rubbed the garage before it was fixed.
  • shirley5137shirley5137 Member Posts: 1
    The door handle on the driver's side is about the fall off. I checked with the local Honda Dealer and the replacement handle with tax is going to cost $319.00, plus and hour to an hour and a half for labor. The bottom line this is going to cost in the neighborhood of $500.00. Is this for real? I couldn't find anywhere out there in "internet heaven" where others experienced the same. Anyone? Any suggestions short of leaving it off and crawling in from the passenger's side. Thank you, Shirley
  • andrea307andrea307 Member Posts: 2
    after a few months of our new 2011 odyssey the sliding doors wouldn't open all the way. i would have to angle my kids to get them in their car seats. it didn't happen all that often so i didn't bother with it but then a month ago someone backed into our passenger sliding door and after fixing it wouldn't close correctly. it would almost latch closed but then beep like there's something in the way and open. i would have to use it on manual to close the doors. it's been doing it on and off for weeks. so far honda hasn't found the issue yet. anyone experience the same thing?
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,805
    Take it back to whoever fixed the body. They should be able to fix it.
  • andrea307andrea307 Member Posts: 2
    i did and all they said they could do is open and close the doors hoping it would replicate. of course it didn't so they gave it back. i took it back again and they took it to honda. honda did the same thing and it didn't replicate so they gave it back but while they were there they fixed 2 recalls, something with the battery sensor and gps and now my battery sensor check light is on! they told me to bring it back. like i have time with 2 kids to be doing this. and the guy is the head if service!
  • liegeliege Member Posts: 4
    Hello jimh10,
    Just curious about what may have happened with your sliding door issue?
    Was is ever resolved?
    Asking because we also had sliding door issues with our 2006 Odyssey right after purchasing it new. We made the mistake of trusting Honda for too long and hope to save you from doing the same.
    In a nutshell: We would have trouble with the doors on a regular basis, but the problem would not always present itself when we took it in for service. We were led to believe that it was not a common issue and that they were baffled by it too. The problem would incrementally worsen until a door was barely or non functional before they finally 'fixed' it, at considerable cost (under warranty and then on our dime). Each time Honda service said it was a different issue. We made the mistake of trusting them when they said the problem was fixed while it was under warranty. Then we paid Honda service a considerable amount of money to repair the doors, electrical issues, etc. out of pocket. We now have a 2 door minivan that no more than two people can ride in because the sliding doors are completely non functional.
    We have filed a complaint with Honda customer service and written letters directly to Honda executives. Executives have not bother to respond at all. Customer service merely pointed out that our van is no longer under warranty. We were told that we "need to understand" that there is "normal wear and tear" on a vehicle the age of our Odyssey with the kind of mileage an active family puts on. It was evidently a big mistake to continue to drive our vehicle and have it very regularly serviced at a Honda dealership while we battled the sliding door issue (doors opening while driving with children in the car, unable to lock doors, having to have children exit out the back door, buzzers going off and lights flashing while driving, etc. etc.). Maybe we should have traded it in one of those times when we took it in and it seemed to be working 'just fine'? Wonder what they would have given us?
    If you are still having issues, you may want to unload it while you can.
  • hordakhordak Member Posts: 1
    I have a similar issue. The driver side sliding door on my 2011 Honda Odyssey often jams when I open it with the handle from the outside. I have 2000 miles before the warranty expires, so I took it in to get fixed but the problem doesn't always present itself when I take it in. The first two times the service technicians said they couldn't reproduce it, so now I'm on my third try. Has anyone else seen this? It would help if I knew exactly what causes it. So far, it seems like it most often happens the first time I try opening the door after driving around for awhile. Of course, I drove awhile to get to the dealership and it didn't happen then.
    If our vehicle history shows that we've brought the car in for door issues while under warranty and it was never resolved, it seems like Honda would cover the cost of a repair if the door failed to a related problem after the warranty expires. I hope so anyway.
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