RX300 front brakes/question

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'01 F/awd RX300 w/80k miles.

Hear grinding sound from right front upon final slow to a stop.

Recent front brake job and within 6 months the right front (pass.) inside brake pad was down to metal with outside lots of "beef" still. Caliper was easy to retract, moved in and out freely during trials, slide pins not stuck/sticking. Slider pin boots/seals in good shape.

Never felt brake pull to side nor heard screamer tab but it was well worn down.

Turned rotor, installed new pads both sides (4) lubed slider pins well, good braking but still grinding as slowing to a final stop.

Installed brand new slider pin set both sides, well lubed, cleaned and lubed pad end carrier/slide bracket. Thoroughly checked clearances all around for possible rubbing. Had wife stand on brakes with engine revved slightly to check clearances under braking stress (4 wheels UP).

Still has grinding sound at low speed braking, just before coming to a final stop.

Today I plan to switch rotors and caliper mounts R/L to see if sound moves.

Any ideas...?


  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    The outside, outer, edge of both rotors are freshly rusted while the opposite edge looks normal. Also, the inside of the caliper where it might contact the rotor as it turns also shows slight signs of contact at the botton edge. everything seems to have good clearance not under load.

    Caliper mounting bracket distorting under load...??

    Should I buy/use shoulder bolts instead of the factory full threaded bolts holding the caliper mounting brackets in place or just force the bracket as far away from the rotor as I can while tightening the mounting bolts to spec...?

    No more than 1/32" of slop there if even that.
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    Did you use O.E. brake pads when changing your brakes? If you did thats great. I always use O.E. because they don't squeak or grind. They don't cost much more( I don't think) and the difference is in the sound. I also resurface the front rotors as well. It's all depends on your mechanic. My mechanic always recommend O.E. pads when doing brakes.
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