How many miles on your 3.5L V6?

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I'm considering the purchase of a 2004 Saturn Vue with 122K on it for my youngest son, but I want to make sure the engine will last a little while. How many miles do you have on your Vue?


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    I have a 2004 Vue with 72000 miles but its a 4 cylinder so it doesn't help you much but I can share some info:

    The 04 Vue has a Honda engine and trans. It has had some issues with the torque converter which was covered under 2 recalls - your dealer can check to see if the recall work was done. Also, it has a timing belt which should have been changed by now - check to see if it was done. Its a pretty reliable powertrain other than these issues. I've read that it does well on gas for a V6 SUV and 240 or so HP makes it a good performer.

    Vues in general have problems with noises and rattles. The front suspension is noisy. Struts/Strut bearings and swaybar links are often the culprit. The wheel bearings have been known to be a weak spot especially in colder climates where they use a lot of salt on the roads. If its an AWD unit, the AWD module has been prone to failure as well as the hanger bearing for the rear driveshaft.

    Electrically, some have had issues with the Body Control Module or BCM. It controls all things electric. It seems that by 2004 most of these had been ironed out though.

    All in all, if you can get it for a good price, its a pretty solid and very safe vehicle and if its been maintained it should have plenty of miles left in it. Some say the Honda V6 Vues were the best of them all. I like mine.

    Good Luck :shades:
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