Cooling Fan not turning on

paulgarcespaulgarces Member Posts: 2
Is there a fan switch we buy/install seperate or do I have to get a new radiator? I was told that its all one part and that I would have to buy a new radiator... True or False?


  • martini77martini77 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Grand AM GT. My fans will not kick on by themselves. A friend had connected some wire from the fans to the battery and ran it to a toggle switch, the fans worked fine then as long as I turned them on manually. Today I went in to a parts store to ask what might cause the fans not to turn on and they listed a few things...the fan mode fuse or relay? I changed that and also the cooling temperature switch by the thermostat. This did not fix the problem. Does anyone have any idea of what other things could cause this? Im trying to avoid sinking too much money into this car. I am unable to turn on the A/C because the A/C compressor does not work, I was told that it was the compressor or that there is a belt missing that turns something that has to do with the A/C- I dont know much about cars at all but I know that turning the A/C on does not make the fans come on in my car. Any other suggestions?
  • grandamgt03grandamgt03 Member Posts: 1
    I just found your post today and was wondering if you ever resolved this and how. I am having the identical problem with my 03 GrandAm GT and like yours the AC compressor has been disconnected. I just left my car with the mechanic for the 2nd time this week - they replaced the AC sensor but apparently that didn't stop the overheating. Thank you for your time.
  • msgtusmcmsgtusmc Member Posts: 4
    What year & engine do u have in your Lincoln LS?
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