Jacking up car for oil changes

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Will do oil and filter change in 2006 Accord . Need to know where to lift besides the front tire changing point. Can use a four wheel floor jack , if best. Can anyone help? Thanks.


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    A quick search turns up this thread with pic

    Looks like they use a point on the crossbeam that the engine mounts to. The embossed arrow on the plastic points to where there is steel structure above it.
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    Although you can use the center jack point to lift the car, you should not rely on a hydraulic jack to hold the car up. You still need to place jack stands under the car and release the jack so the car is sitting on the stands. I have used the jack points for the stands as shown in the owners manual when using the factory jack.

    I only use the stands when I need to remove a tire. For changing oil, I find car ramps are much easier (and faster) to use.

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    Same as others, I do not rely on hydraulic jack only! Neither can I can use ramps as my 2006 Accord front bumper is too low.

    Thank you for your comments.
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    I just sit a couple of foot and a half or so long pieces of 2x4 in front of the ramps - this raises the bumper enough to clear the ramps for most models.
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