Remote Start erratic

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With my remote, I can control the lock, unlock and power liftgate funtions from anwhere in the house, and from a long distance away. The remote start, however, will not work from inside the house, only ten feet from the car (all other functions work, tho). I can be outside, more than 150' feet away with a clear view of the car, and the remote start will work flawlessly. It's the only function on the remote control that doesn't like walls.


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    Can somebody explain the attraction of remote start?
    Seems to me it could present a significant hazard if the vehicle was started unintentionally.
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    When I asked the salesman the same question, the reply was three-part:
    1. The engine will only run for 10 minutes.
    2. The car can't be put into gear until the key is turned in the ignition.
    3. It takes a two-button sequence to initiate remote start.
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